Young Post’s Best of the Month Awards for September: Intriguing insights into Iran and how to handle stress – YP


This year we got off to a good start. We have received many stimulating and creative submissions from you, our readers. It’s time to celebrate your wonderful entries! Thank you for your dedication and support.

The winners will receive a certificate and a special YP notebook to encourage them in their writing journeys. We will contact students about their prices.

Anger management in teens is all the rage

Holly Wei of Kent School (USA) shares her experience dealing with stress and anger and talks to a psychotherapist to find out whether rage rooms are useful for channeling difficult emotions.

At the gates of democracy: the 2022 general elections in Brazil

Ana Clara Lopes of Paraná Public School and Socrates Souto Nonino de Carvalho of Julia Wanderley State School did a good job in review of the 2022 general elections in Brazil. They talk about the dangers of the country’s current president, far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro.

best face to face

Valerie Shek of Independent Schools Foundation is our top debater this month on whether it should be compulsory to study a foreign language at school. She backed up the benefits of being multilingual with statistics and studies, making her arguments very compelling.

The most creative

Sam Ng Holam of Christian Alliance SC Chan Memorial College actions he would make good use of an extra day off from school volunteering at a recovery center for cancer patients and a sincere reason behind it wins the most creative award this month.

Better overview

This year, we decided to add a new category to recognize the efforts of student contributions to our new news and thoughts page – The Lens.

And our first winner for Best Insight goes to Joshua Chan of Carmel Secondary School! His thoughts on the ongoing protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini discusses the importance of gender equality and giving women the rights they deserve.

Most Committed School

Pui Kiu Middle School has made over 60 submissions to our Top10 and Your Voice pages, and four of them have been published. Continue like that!


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