Xref: How to Gain Powerful Candidate Insights by Combining Reference and Social Media Checks


Pre-employment checks, such as reference and background checks, go hand in hand in the hiring process. Used separately, they can offer valuable information about your candidates. Used together, they can provide powerful insights to help you determine which candidate is the best fit for your organization.

Why conduct pre-employment screenings?

Your employees are your most important asset, and each plays a vital role in building a healthy work culture. Your hiring process should be designed to allow you to form a team with aligned values, where each individual contributes positively. It all comes down to hiring the right candidate and avoiding the wrong hires to protect and nurture your company culture.

To do this, you need the right tools to make confident and informed hiring decisions.

This is where reference checks and digital fingerprint checks come in.

Why reference checks?

Reference checks allow you to learn more about your candidates by leveraging the opinions of their former manager or co-workers. They allow you to verify the experience and skills of candidates, while giving additional information on reliability, communication and how well they work as a team. . Reference checks add value to the hiring process by letting you learn more about who the candidate is, how they will fit into their team, and whether they are capable of succeeding in the role.

Why digital fingerprint checks?

Not only does your recruiting process need to be thorough, it needs to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the workplace. In today’s digital age, digital fingerprint checks can assess a candidate’s suitability by informing you of a person’s ideas, opinions, and online reputation from the content they she shares publicly on the internet.

Sometimes called social media checks (but they go way beyond social media), digital footprint checks can include details related to different metrics such as:

  • Discriminatory behaviors such as racism, sexism, hate speech and homophobia

  • criminal behavior

  • substance abuse

  • past unprofessional behavior such as negative comments about former employers or colleagues, or excessive foul language.

Not only does this catch red flags about potential candidate suitability, but it allows you to demonstrate your support for diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace by excluding people with discriminatory behavior.

With 1 in 5 candidates showing red flags in their online and social media activity, you’re likely missing out on vital information by not including digital footprint verification in your hiring process. .

How to use them together?

Ensuring a candidate’s fit for the job and the organization can be difficult, but with the right pre-hire tools, your HR team can be confident in their hiring decisions. Using reference checks and digital footprint checks together can give you the confidence you need to hire candidates with core values ​​that are right for your organization. Having both a third-party opinion of the candidate and insight into online behavior is a powerful combination to help you hire the right person and avoid the costs associated with a bad hire.

With Xref and CheckSocial integration, you can automate the fingerprinting process while performing your reference checks before making an offer to your preferred candidate.


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