Winners of the Gustav Mahler International Cello Competition Announced | News


On February 7, 2022, Constantin Paul Siepermann was named absolute winner of the Gustav Mahler Cello Competition. He will win a trophy and 30,000 CZK (£1,000). He is currently studying with French cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras at the Freiburg School of Music in Germany and is a laureate of various other competitions including the Young Talents Competition, the Dussman Competition in Berlin and the Napolinova Competition.

Czech cellist David Pěruška was named Czech Top Competitor and also won the Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava Award, which comes with future concert opportunities. Arne Zeller and Yuqi Wang, from Germany and China respectively, both received the Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava Prize Conductor Prize, while the Jury President Prize went to Australian Jiyou Parke.

Other important awards include the Mahler Institute Director’s Award, given to Ziqi Lui and Tam Pak Shun Parson from China and Hong Kong, and the Jihlava Mayor’s Award, given to Jun Gardiner from Australia.

Jury President Petr Nouzovský said of the competition: “The level of all young cellists was extremely high, but only one can win, and we are happy that there was a consensus among the jury. Thank you to my fantastic colleagues on the jury! I look forward to seeing you all at Jihlava in the future.

The Gustav Mahler Cello Competition is organized by the Gustav Mahler Institute in Prague, in collaboration with the Gustav Mahler Philharmonic Jihlava, where Mahler lived for 15 years. This year’s one-round competition was held online, with cellists from around the world submitting videos to compete for the various competition prizes. They had free choice of program but were only allowed to play from memory. The competition was divided into eleven age categories, covering all ages under 30.

Previous winners of the competition are Simon Eberle, Yeeun Kang and Temesvári Bence.

All competitor videos are available on the contest website.


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