Will trade acquisitions Theo Maledon and Derrick Favors stay with Houston Rockets?


The Houston Rockets are shuffling their roster, making an eight-man trade that brings four new players to the team.

Among those players are two players who are likely to be canceled, Moe Harkless and Ty Jerome, and two others whose status is unknown, Derrick Favors and Theo Maledon.

Favors and Maledon provide different strengths to the roster, albeit minor ones.

Favors, 31, has played the most NBA games of any player on the roster, including Eric Gordon. If the team chooses to keep him, he can be a veteran voice in a locker room full of 14 players drafted after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Favors is also expected to make just over $10 million this season, making him the second-highest player on the roster behind Gordon. This means he can fill the salary cap for a trade the team makes around the trade deadline in February.

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Maledon, 21, suffered a shoulder injury this offseason, but when healthy he can add to the team’s potential playmaker roster. Maledon was the 34th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and started 49 games during his rookie season, but when the Thunder brought in Josh Giddey, it pushed him into a bench role.

The only issue with Maledon remaining on the roster is his limited playing time. Daishen Nix and TyTy Washington have already been battling each other for minutes as backup playmakers, and Maledon is definitely no better than either of them. Maledon’s impact can be felt, but is less likely given his location.

It’s possible the Rockets will drop these two new acquisitions before the season begins, but both offer something intriguing and worth noting.

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