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In New Zealand’s fiercest culinary competition, Chaat Street – a relative newcomer to Wellington’s restaurant scene – beat out 200 other burgers with an innovative vegetarian option that offered carb-over-carb perfection.

Chaat Street’s “Dabeli” burger took the title, featuring a crispy dabeli spicy potato patty with Fix & Fogg Smoke and Fire peanut butter, cilantro, onions, crispy chickpea noodles and tamarind chutney in a brioche bun with masala butter.

Visa Wellington On a Plate festival director Sarah Meikle said the beautifully spiced burger delighted the taste buds of Wellington locals and judges alike, and is the first veggie burger to win the title in over of a decade.

“We are delighted to see that Chaat Street, which previously started as a Visa Wellington On a Plate Pop-up, not only opened as a restaurant but also won the first year. Our congratulations to Vaibhav and his team.

“Burger Wellington is so accessible and everyone can participate and have fun along the way. This year, a Four Square convenience store ended up making almost four thousand burgers, which is pretty impressive!” She adds.

Vaibhav Vishen of Chaat Street says the inspiration for the burger was to bring real Indian flavors to New Zealand, which is Chaat Street’s ethos, and it was great to see how people reacted.

“It was a bit unexpected, people usually associate burgers with meat and I didn’t expect to win against the traditional meat patties. I am very excited and proud of my team who have worked so hard working overtime.

Chaat Street will keep the award-winning burger on the menu throughout September.

This year, hundreds of thousands of burger lovers visited more than 200 establishments participating in Garage Project presents Burger Wellington during the Visa Wellington On a Plate festival. This annual celebration of the humble burger has sparked countless spreadsheets as enthusiasts plan how to rate and devour as many burgers as possible.

“It’s not uncommon for venues to serve thousands of burgers during the festival, since Burger Wellington’s inception in 2010, over 1.52 million burgers have found their way into the hands and mouths of burger fans” , Sarah adds.

Each contest burger comes with a Garage Project beer, and the craft brewery offers three limited-edition festival beers each year that encourage Wellington restaurants to think outside the box and create the perfect pairing.

Garage Project’s Jos Ruffell says we love to see the enthusiasm year after year for the perfect pairing of beer and burger. Burgers are delicious and allow for innovation and creativity, just like our beer.

“I think Transit of Venus and Dabeli are a great match, and it seems a lot of other people think so too. Congratulations to Vaibhav and the Chaat Street team!”

This year, beef burgers were the most popular protein offered by participating establishments with 80 entrees, followed by chicken, then pork. Nine vegetarian burgers were offered.

Some of the most interesting flavor combinations in burger patties this year included Graze’s Pāua to the People which included Pāua and Venison, Ombra’s Club Exotic which had wild tahr and pork, and Whistling Sisters’ Been There Done Bap which included a kidney and black chickpea patty.

Next year, Visa Wellington On a Plate will be served twice. The May edition will feature Festival Events and pop-ups, Dine Wellington and Cocktail Wellington. The August edition will see the return of Burger Wellington and Beervana.

“With the growing appetite for Visa Wellington On a Plate, it only makes sense to have two small-scale festival offerings for everyone to enjoy, and we are already looking forward to what is shaping up to be a spectacular program in May,” she added.

Finalists for Garage Project presents Burger Wellington:

Chaat Street – Dabeli – winner

Egmont St Eatery – Saigon Smash

Fred’s – Pork, apple and crackers

Huxley’s – The Gates of Perception

Thistle Inn – Pepper

Garage Project presents Burger Wellington from August 12 to 31, 2022.

Full description of Chaat Street Dabeli:

Crispy dabeli spiced hash browns with Fix & Fogg Smoke and Fire peanut butter, cilantro, onions, crispy chickpea noodles and tamarind chutney in a buttery masala brioche bun, topped with kala masala chips.

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