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The latest Power of Veto spoilers for Big Brother 24 come from the Live stream and here are your results. Read on for spoilers on who won the Veto this week!

There was A LOT of pressure for this win as Turner had set his names to Brittany and Taylor with the target squarely on Michael with a backdoor plan. Turner’s first chance to avoid the failure of this plan was if Michael was not chosen. The odds were a bit more in Michael’s favor on this and sure enough, he was picked. Everyone except Terrance and Kyle played.

Then Turner just needed Michael not to win or he could save Brittany or Taylor and force a marquee with a possible new goal for the week. Well guess what?

Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Contest Results:

  • Michael won the right of veto

Wow. Michael now has five veto wins and is tied for the most veto wins in a season (tied with Janelle, Daniele, Paul and Kaycee). If he hadn’t kicked off that Stay or Fold composition, he might hold the record right now. There are even more opportunities for him this season.

Speculation was out there that it was Zingbot’s visit because the competition was being held so late at night to give the costumed actor some shelter from the heat. But no ! It was the classic slick, slippery lane race.

Alright, so Taylor is the backup target. Does he want to save his ally Brittany and ensure her safety or follow Taylor’s real target? I think it might be better for his own game to save Taylor, but would the house target Brittany just to weaken Michael? Hmm. Let’s see where the house goes this week.

Who do you want at the door this week? Share your choice below.

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