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The latest Power of Veto spoilers for Big Brother 24 come from the Live stream and here are your results. Read on for this week’s PoV spoilers!

With the Besties key, complete the selection process to return to the usual style with three tokens drawn. Taylor got HG Choice and went with Alyssa, which raised eyebrows later, and then Jasmine and Kyle were pulled in to play as well.

There has been so much back and forth since Friday’s nominations. After Taylor sent Indy and Terrance to the block with the target on Terrance, she began to have other considerations. Joseph suddenly presented himself as a pawn, and Taylor told Indy she wanted her to run away. Uh what?

Now, if Joseph had been knocked out winning the Veto, everything would be moot, but he wasn’t even drawn to play and Michael, Mr. Veto King this season, was also out of contention. Kyle however says he would lock those names down if he had the PoV. So who won the veto power this week over Big Brother?

Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Contest Results:

  • Kyle won the right of veto

Kyle is already talking to Taylor and they are discussing saving Indy. Then Joseph arrived and celebrated Kyle’s victory as well. In fact, Joseph *wants* to go up? ? Mercy.

Wait wait. Talks change and maybe now Joseph won’t be nominated and we go back to Kyle’s previous goal of not using the veto which would then send Indy out the door. She will wear the unitard in this case. The curse continues!

Here’s what the HGs “won”:

  • Jasmine: trip to London
  • Indy: Combination
  • Joseph & Taylor: Chained
  • Alyssa: $5,000
  • Terrance: fake tattoos

Who do you want at the door this week? Share your choice below.

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