Van Hollen, Cardin submit applications for direct funding for community projects supporting infrastructure, affordable housing and sustainable development


June 16, 2022

Today, U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin (both D-Md.) announced their requests for direct federal funding for community projects in Maryland under the Transportation, Housing, and development plans for fiscal year 2023. The senators worked with local community leaders to identify a wide range of projects, which will support, among other initiatives, infrastructure upgrades, improved public transit, affordable housing and access to community centers and green spaces.

“Investing federal dollars directly in our communities allows us to upgrade our infrastructure, improve public transit, boost economic opportunity, and make our state an even better place to live and work. That’s why we’ve partnered with local leaders to identify projects that will benefit Marylanders and our communities – from strengthening transportation infrastructure to increasing affordable housing opportunities to ensuring a wider and more equitable access to resources such as medical care, vocational training, etc. We will fight to get these priorities through Congress and flow these funds directly to our state,” said Senator Van Hollen, a member of the Appropriations Committee and the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing, Urban Development and Related Agencies.

“Team Maryland is united in our ongoing efforts to bring new federal resources back to Maryland based on local needs and priorities, especially those that uplift our communities by expanding economic opportunity and rebuilding our infrastructure,” said Senator Cardin, chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee of Environment and Public Works. “Each of these projects has been developed with local participation and invests in high-priority transformative projects, such as green spaces, trails and public facilities, as well as housing and workforce development sites. . Our goal is to maximize taxpayer dollars in the most meaningful way for our communities.

While not all requests may receive funding in the final Fiscal Year 2023 funding legislation, senators will advocate for their requests to be included when the appropriations subcommittees draft their respective bills over the coming months. . Fiscal year 2023 begins October 1, 2022. For fiscal year 2022, Senators Cardin and Van Hollen secured more than $104 million in direct investments to benefit Maryland.

A sample of the senators’ requests for the transportation, housing and urban development appropriations subcommittee are listed below. All of Senator Van Hollen’s requests can be found at this link and Senator Cardin’s requests can be found at this link. The website pages will be updated as applications to the appropriations subcommittees are submitted.

Project name: College Park Community Preservation and Housing Trust
Candidate: College Park City-University Partnership
Description of the proposal: The College Park City-University partnership is establishing a housing trust program to provide affordable housing for the workforce and stabilize targeted neighborhoods in College Park. Today, only 6% of UMD faculty and staff live in College Park; many neighborhoods closest to the University have expensive rental properties, and many potential buyers cannot afford property, especially in neighborhoods where house prices have skyrocketed. Federal funds will be used to purchase homes and place them in a homeownership program with shared equity to support homeownership.
Project location: College Park, MD
Amount requested: $2,500,000

Project Name: End Hunger Community Economic Development Project
Candidate: End Hunger in Calvert County
Description of Proposal: The End Hunger Community Economic Development Project serves people in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, Prince George’s and southern Anne Arundel counties, creating a centralized location for local organizations and non-profit organizations. nonprofit to create new residency opportunities and address the root causes of poverty. The funds will be used to renovate facilities to support the receipt and distribution of food to pantries, schools and businesses serving low-income families. It also includes space dedicated to a culinary workforce development program for students with disabilities.
Project location: Huntingtown, MD
Amount requested: $1,133,000

Project Name: I-81 Phases 3-4 Reconstruction
Applicant: Maryland Department of Transportation
Description of Proposal: I-81 serves as a key shipping and logistics backbone along the East Coast. Ensuring more reliable and consistent smooth operations will encourage the continued growth of the corridor’s warehousing and supply chain industry. The funds will be used for preliminary engineering and design of Phases 3 and 4 of the I-81 widening project.
Project location: Hagerstown, MD
Amount requested: $10,000,000

Project name: Last Mile Park
Claimant: American Communities Trust, Inc.
Description of Proposal: Last Mile Park is a one-mile urban ecological and public art trail that will loop through Amtrak’s eight overpasses, allowing residents north of the tracks to safely access many state-funded amenities—parks, playgrounds, and retail—to the south. Last Mile Park is planned as a one-mile urban public and ecological art trail that will cross all eight Amtrak viaducts. The trail will take pedestrians on a tour of sculptural art, permanent artistic light installations, and green infrastructure while providing interesting insights into the stories and culture of East Baltimore and its people. The project integrates the northern and southern neighborhoods around the railway line, fostering a unified community. Federal funds will be used to complete the remaining seven viaducts for Last Mile Park.
Project Location: City of Baltimore, MD
Amount requested: $5,000,000

Project name: Laurel Multi-Service Training Center
Applicant: City of Laurel, MD
Proposal Description: The City of Laurel, MD, intends to develop a full-service training and employment services center that will house an overnight shelter for 60 people; an institutional kitchen and pantry; post boxes; laundry services; a computer learning and career support center with library; a space for on-site doctors and dentists; offices for social workers, counselors and other related social services; a centralized reception with dining room and lounge; and some areas for recreational use. The facility will also include a clothing distribution center and a police security office. Federal funds will be used to support renovations to the existing structure.
Project location: Laurel, MD
Amount requested: $1,000,000

Project Name: Montgomery County Flash Bus Extension in Howard County, Maryland
Applicant: Montgomery County Government
Proposal Description: Montgomery and Howard counties plan to expand the Montgomery County Flash Bus system north from its existing terminus in Burtonsville to downtown Columbia, including stops at Maple Lawn and at the Johns Hopkins Advanced Physics Lab. Federal funds for the purchase of four zero-emission buses will allow one bi-county bus to run peak service (3 morning trips and 3 evening trips) at hourly speed. Montgomery will purchase, own and operate the vehicles, and Howard County will fund the annual operating costs for its share of this service.
Project location: Montgomery and Howard counties, MD
Amount requested: $3,350,000

Project Name: Salisbury Rail and Mobility Improvement Project
Applicant: City of Salisbury, Maryland
Description of the proposal: The Rail-Trail is a vital part of transforming the city of Salisbury into a welcoming and walkable city. The proposed Trail addresses a critical missing piece to the City’s existing Trail network: a comfortable, safe and central mobility network that serves both recreation and transportation. The Rail-Trail will serve as the centerpiece and backbone of Salisbury’s active transportation network, connecting residents, employees, students and visitors to key destinations on Maryland’s Lower East Shore. When completed, the trail will connect Salisbury to the town of Fruitland to the south and the town of Delmar to the north. The funds will be used to complete 1.6 miles of the city’s rail trail.
Project location: Salisbury, MD
Amount requested: $6,138,517

Project name: The Star Community Family Life Center (FLC)
Candidate: MSBC Five Star Program, Inc.
Proposal Description: The Star Community Family Life Center will transform a former body shop into a space for a variety of multi-generational programs and services, including the Youth 360 program; physical and mental health counseling and support services for youth and adults; recreational space for activities; and meeting and training space for seminars, classes, and workforce development. Federal funds will support the renovation.
Project location: Woodlawn, MD
Amount requested: $1,700,000


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