US tells ‘absolutely no truth’ about Imran Khan’s acquisitions


The US State Department has said there is “absolutely no truth” to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s claim that Washington is behind an alleged plot to overthrow his government.

Imran Khan claimed his independent foreign policy annoyed “foreign powers” and that they funded the opposition’s no-confidence decision against him. In an address to the nation on Friday, the Pakistani prime minister reiterated his allegations that a senior US diplomat threatened regime change in Pakistan, reports The Dawn.

Khan also named the official – Donald Lu, assistant secretary of the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the State Department – ​​who allegedly threatened regime change in Pakistan during a meeting with the Pakistani ambassador to the era, Asad Majeed Khan.

At a Friday night press conference in Washington, a reporter reminded State Department deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter that in her address to the nation, Khan renewed her allegation that the United States had encouraged the vote of no confidence, claiming he had a diplomatic cable to prove this.

“Let me say very frankly that there is absolutely no truth to these allegations,” Porter said.

“Of course, we continue to follow these developments, and we respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and rule of law. But again, these allegations are absolutely not true,” she added.


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