Tyler Car Dealer Donates to Longview ISD for Competition | Education


With the help of the local Classic Toyota dealership in Tyler, the older students of Longview High School Automotive Club had a unique learning experience.

In December, Longview High School students participated in the North Texas Automobile Dealers Auto Competition at Motor Speedway Pit Row in Fort Worth, a competition that aims to give students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, while giving them the opportunity to network, acquire scholarships and compete for top honors.

It was the first time the students had the opportunity to attend the event.

“I’ve been trying to get into it for years,” said Longview High School Automobile instructor Raymond Bouis. “For us to have the ability to get into this, we had to ask a dealership to pay $10,000.”

Two students who had the opportunity to attend were Longview High School seniors Jesse Duplissey IV and Calie Logan who have been with the auto club for years. Both were very grateful for the experience, especially to Classic Toyota.

“It feels really good, it makes us feel special in a way. It’s an honor,” Duplissey said.

The car competition was held in two phases consisting of a workstation challenge where contestants were tested on their knowledge of tools, measurement, some vehicle maintenance information and even their skills in job interview.

Phase 2 was an on-vehicle challenge where each team was given a certain amount of time to diagnose and repair pre-assigned issues on a vehicle. The problems on the vehicle are worth a number of points defined according to the level of difficulty during the competition.

Duplissey said it took two months to prepare for the competition and even though they didn’t win any prizes, he was grateful for the experience.

“I think it helps the students more than anything, it’s very eye-opening and you meet a lot of people. You put your foot in the door and you prepare more to prepare for the future,” he said.

Bouis said he was also grateful for the opportunity, especially for the knowledge the students gained.

“The more knowledge a student acquires, the more money he earns when he goes into the field,” he said.

The automotive team members will continue their journey to another competition in two weeks at the Skills USA district competition in Waco, according to Bouis.


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