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After the roller coaster year of 2020, 2021 has turned into the year we built on our pandemic experiences. And on this week’s episode of “In Case You Missed It,” the team invited Noelle Knell, editor-in-chief of Government technology, to discuss what it looked like in the world of state and local government.

This included the massive and landmark market acquisition of NIC by Tyler Technologies, itself part of a larger sequence of merger and acquisition activity in the market that sees government technology companies pursuing horizontal expansion. and vertical. The pandemic has also really made many aware of the essential nature of broadband internet – but even with more infrastructure funding to come, hurdles remain in deploying it effectively and efficiently. Finally, with the rapid proliferation of new technologies such as AI and drones, this year has seen increased discussion of the ethical considerations the government must undertake as it explores their uses.


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“In case you missed it” is Government technology Weekly news summary and live interview featuring Dustin Haisler, eRepublic * chief innovation officer, Joe Morris, deputy chief innovation officer, and Jed Pressgrove, deputy editor at Gov Tech, as they bring their analysis and perspectives on the week’s most important stories in state and local government.

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* e.Republic is the parent company of Government technology.

Dustin Haisler is the chief innovation officer of Government Technology’s parent company, e.Republic. Previously CFO and later IT Director of Manor, Texas, a small town outside of Ausler, Haisler quickly built a reputation and reputation as an early innovator in civic technology. As Chief Innovation Officer, Haisler has a strategic role to play in helping to shape the company’s products, services and future direction. He primarily runs e.Republic Labs, a market connector created as an ecosystem to educate, accelerate and ultimately scale technological innovation within the public sector. Read his full biography.

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Jed Pressgrove has been a writer and editor for approximately 15 years. He received a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in sociology from Mississippi State University.

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Noelle Knell has been Editor-in-Chief of Government Technology magazine for e.Republic since 2015. She has over two decades of writing and editing experience, covering public projects, transportation, business and technology. Originally from California, she has worked in both state and local government and graduated from the University of California, Davis, majoring in political science and American history. She can be reached by e-mail and on Twitter.

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