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According to the Mass Cultural Council (MCC), there is no community without culture: it defines our understanding of the world, provides us with a common language, and creates meaningful connections between people, places and institutions. Culture enriches the quality of life and well-being of individuals and families across the Commonwealth. That is why the city of Canton supports its Local / Cantonal Cultural Council, festival organizers, artists and non-profit cultural organizations to deliver powerful experiences. These entities in Massachusetts and Canton in particular are at the heart of the city’s rich cultural life. Using form, sound, color, language and movement, they help us interpret our past, understand the present, and envision a better future.

The Cantonal Cultural Council is pleased to announce that from the beginning of September 2021, artists and non-artists (for example, school groups wishing to bring a speaker on local history or social issues) can apply in line for 1.) direct grants to individuals and organizations, available through competitive statewide grant processes and / or 2.) funds for individuals and organizations which are then reallocated as distributions by the Cantonal Cultural Council.

The online application is available at and the deadline to apply is October 15, 2021.

Last year, the MCC Township grant allocation was $ 7,400. Applicants included the Canton Community Theater, the Neponset Choral Society, the Brockton Symphony Orchestra and local schools. Other examples of funding were for scholarships and activities for all age groups, including a preschool program in the children’s library. For more information on the state’s MCC, visit

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