Texan soup wins the world food competition. This is what she cooked


A Texan family cook can now say she has one of the best soups in the world after her championship victory at the ninth World Food Championships.

Home cook Lori McLain of Denton was one of 67 Texans who gathered at Fair Park in Dallas for the competition seeking a top 10 among 10 overall categories.

McLain, whose technique involved pressure cooking pork in the microwave, defeated the previous soup champion and took home the most coveted prize of all, $ 7,500 in prize money and the title of world champion in the Soup 2021. The victory gives him a spot in the WFC’s $ 100,000 Final Table Challenge next spring, according to a press release by WFC on Monday.

See WFC’s Facebook post announcing McLain’s victory below.

Over the course of the multi-day competition, the soup contestants faced a series of culinary challenges. They were tasked with creating a chowder, wowing the judges with their signature soup, and incorporating the category sponsor (Bolner’s Fiesta Brand, based in Texas) into their final dish, the statement said.

For the first challenge, the contestants were tasked with cooking a chowder and McLain served a smoked sausage green chili corn chowder with corn fritters.

The next challenge, the WFC Signature Dish Round, gave contestants 90 minutes and carte blanche to whip up any soup. During this specific challenge, McLain made a bacon-cheeseburger soup. She says the dish is inspired by favorites from backyard kitchens: bacon cheeseburgers and loaded potatoes. She served it with fried pickle chips.

Coming out of the opening laps, McLain was in eighth place, with former champion Rocky Jullianelle about a point ahead, the statement said.

In the final round, McLain’s goal was to beat the nine other contenders who qualified for the top 10 of the WFC Infusion Challenge. In the round, each competitor could create the soup they wanted. The challenge, however, required them to incorporate Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Vanilla Bean.

McLain created a spicy beer-vanilla pork soup with a cornbreadmill twist where she used the technique of pressure cooking the pork in the microwave. In the third round, the technique earned him 92 out of 100 points, which allowed him to jump Jullianelle and all the other teams to claim his first victory at the World Soup Championship, the statement said.

For his next challenge, McLain will face the other nine category champions at the WFC final table event in Lake Murray Country, South Carolina, scheduled for late April, with three sets of challenges inspired by local cuisine experts.

But for now, she’s enjoying her success as she waits for her task for the grand prize of $ 100,000, the statement said.


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