TelcoDR Accelerates Growth Plans With Acquisition Of ZephyrTel, Plans Further Mergers And Acquisitions, Cloud Native


So what did Royston bring on board? She says Skyvera (let’s call it that now …) has 150 to 200 customers, mostly network operators, and of all sizes. “For the most part, they’re telecom customers, so that’s great. Perfect, exactly the people we would like to focus on, ”says the CEO of TelcoDR.

Big names? Skyvera website names A1 Telekom Austria, Batelco,

M1 (Singapore), Taiwan Mobile and TM (Telekom Malaysia) as clients – Royston checks the names of AT&T, Vodafone Germany, Vodafone Egypt, parts of African giant MTN and O2 UK [now part of Virgin Media O2].

And what about the size of the company? She says it’s “a $ 30 million to $ 40 million business, or so. It’s a good size – it’s not super big, but it’s a nice little piece. And it pays off, according to Royston.

Former ZephyrTel CEO Mike Shinya was more optimistic about the company’s progress, citing (on LinkedIn) revenues of $ 70 million and bragging about more than 330 telecom customers in ZephyrTel press releases.

Royston’s goal with Skyvera is to ensure what she calls “customer success … it’s a leading indicator of long-term earnings.” When you ask your customers, “Are you having success with this product?” As an open-ended question, and when you talk to leaders you get a really honest answer about how things are going. There are some really nice pockets of success in ZephyrTel … they want to understand where the roadmap is going, and then there are other areas that have been a bit neglected, and so we have to do a lot of catching – up. ‘at work.

She adds, “It’s really important to stabilize the base, to talk to clients, to put them in front of the management team, to introduce them to Matt Taylor. [the new CEO, previously with MATRIXX Software] – he maintains excellent relations with customer managers. We therefore focus on the success of our customers.

And what is the relationship between Skyvera, which has customers and revenue, and Totogi, which is still in the early stages of building its platform? Royston says the two will remain separate under the TelcoDR umbrella, but will try a model, called Skyvera Cloud Club, in which Skyvera customers will get credits with Totogi and Totogi partners based on the amount spent with Skyvera. . “We have started testing this idea with customers … the idea is to accelerate the migration of CSPs to the public cloud. “

And part of Skyvera’s role will be to continue Zephyrtel’s expansion model through mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth. “There are about 1,500 to 2,000 telecom software companies and some are in the market to sell… I’m a buyer, a big buyer, and I want to pivot their products to the public cloud. Skyvera is going to be the umbrella that manages the TelcoDR acquisitions. This is the first acquisition, but it will not be the last. We’re in the market, we’ve got offers, we’re looking for more, ”says Royston, who can now expect to hear from many companies looking to leverage their telecommunications software assets …

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