SUFAC information session shares funding opportunities for student organizations


There is no doubt that the student organizations here on campus play such an important role in welcoming the new war hawks and integrating them into life here at UW-Whitewater. These student organizations do a lot for students, but some can be strapped for cash when trying to organize events and create fun activities for their members. This is where SUFAC comes in.

If you didn’t know, SUFAC stands for Separate University Fee Allocation Committee. Their team is made up of members of the Whitewater student government and students appointed by the dean of each college as representatives of that college. Matt Shweinert, a Junior General Management Major, is the President, as well as Vice President Colin Chapman, a Senior Legal Studies Major, made the presentation with SUFAC Advisor, Kimberly Clarkson.

The sole purpose of the committee is to provide funds to student organizations that benefit the student body as a whole or more specifically, as stated in the powerpoint “to make decisions, SUFAC / WSG examines the uniqueness of the service and advantages of the new applicant group’s campus. SUFAC / WSG will not find an eligible group in the event of direct duplication and service access elsewhere on campus. The presentation also stated that a club or organization should also use any grant funds provided by SUFAC for “things that can improve the greater student population at UW-Whitewater, impact the greater number of students possible, provide education / learning opportunities, shared across campuses, and relate to the values ​​of UW-Whitewater (Collaboration, Diversity and Opportunity, Integrity, Learning and Academic Excellence, Service and Social Responsibility, and Shared governance.

To tap into these funds, a club or organization must submit an application and budget that divides the requested amount into several categories that SUFAC specifies. These categories include, but are not limited to, travel, maintenance, utilities, supplies, surfaces, equipment and purses.

SUFAC members also came up with a series of questions that club and organization leaders can ask themselves, such as “What do we want to accomplish?” And “How much is it going to take and what are we going to spend?” When you come up with a budget number that is neither too high nor too low.

At the end of the presentation, Councilor Kimberly Clarkson commented on all the hard work of the President and Vice President to make this process more transparent to all organizations involved.

“I respect the devil of the SUFAC committee. They are completely transparent and it’s hard to do, but they go the extra mile to do it for all organizations, ”said Kimberly Clarkson, advisor.

If you are an organization manager interested in completing a request for a SUFAC visit or if you want more information contact [email protected] for application help. All entries are due by 11:59 p.m. on October 8.


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