Stravito launches Scrapbook Insights recycling feature


Stravito launches Scrapbook Insights recycling feature

November 8, 2022

Knowledge management platform Stravito has launched a feature called “Scrapbook”, through which individuals can “recycle and reuse” the most relevant information from multiple reports.

The Stockholm-based company offers a platform using proprietary AI software to help users access market research and insights. The system automatically classifies and labels unstructured data; and an in-depth search function discovers and organizes information, helping teams collaborate both within their company and with external agencies.

The new Scrapbook feature allows users to compile pages from various presentations or reports with links to the original source for full context. According to the company, this will encourage greater use of information among business teams such as marketing, sales, product development and innovations. Albums can be shared via email or other communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, and downloaded in editable PDF or PPTX format.

Founder and CEO Thor Olof Philogéne (pictured) comments: “With Scrapbook, individuals can easily and effectively recycle and reuse information to create impactful stories tailored to specific projects and audiences. Not only does the tool eliminate time-consuming processes – such as mining information to repackage existing documents and searches – but it is also an easier and more engaging way for recipients to consume and evaluate information.



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