Sterling Medical Center receives funding from USDA


U.S. Department of Agriculture Acting Director of State for Rural Development in Kansas, Dan Fischer, announced Wednesday that USDA is investing $ 3.51 million to equip, rebuild and modernize essential services in rural Kansas. The investments will directly benefit more than 13,000 Kansans.

In the region, a grant of $ 76,000 will be used to repair and upgrade several areas of the existing Sterling Medical Center in Sterling. The upgrades will include the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, foundation and structural systems. When completed, this facility will provide the community with access to new and improved health care services.

Among the other recipients:

• Spearville – A loan of $ 1,392,000 will cover the increase in the cost of building materials on a retirement home campus consisting of 14 skilled nursing units and 12 assisted living apartments.

• Alma – A grant of $ 303,300 and a loan of $ 1,173,700 will be used to replace portions of the existing gas supply line that runs along Kansas Highway 99 between the town of Wamego and Interstate 70.

• Altamont – A loan of $ 260,000 will be used to purchase a commercial fire truck for use by the Town of Altamont and the Township of Mount Pleasant.

• Humboldt – A grant of $ 50,000 and a loan of $ 255,000 will be used to purchase a custom fire pump.


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