SLO Woman Wins National Tractor Restoration Competition


A woman from San Luis Obispo won the champion’s grand prize for her impressive tractor restoration.

Annika Ernstrom is a recent high school graduate in San Luis Obispo who took part in the Delo National Tractor Restoration Competition last week.

She took on her most recent project on her own, restoring an old 1948 Alex Madonna tractor.

Ernstrom learned the trade with the help of JB Dewar’s Tractor Restoration Education Program for high school students in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

As one of only two women to be selected to compete in Indiana, Ernstrom said she takes great pride in representing the Central Coast nationally.

She competed last year with a partner and restored a 1954 Ford 600, but this time Ernstrom competed alone and won the top prize.

“It’s kinda nice, I went through it the first year and they hammered me with questions, and I was sitting there, man, I want to know it, but I don’t know it yet,” Ernstrom recalls. . “When I came back I was like I was going to go and I was going to try to win this time around and somehow I managed to do it, and I am quite proud. “

Five of the top 12 contenders in Delo’s national competition were from the Central Coast.

As for Ernstrom, she is currently taking courses at Cuesta College and is considering becoming a master technician.

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