Senate passes funding bill before closing deadline


The Senate voted 72 to 25 on Thursday to pass a short-term funding measure, sending the bill to the House before Friday’s deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

The bill, also known as the Continuing Resolution, includes approximately $12 billion in assistance to Ukraine – including $35 million “to prepare for and respond to possible nuclear and radiological incidents. in Ukraine,” according to a fact sheet released by lawmakers – along with $20 million in emergency funding to address the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, $2.5 billion in dollars for recovery efforts after the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fire in New Mexico and $1 billion for the energy assistance program for low-income households.

It also includes funding for the resettlement of Afghan refugees and a five-year extension of FDA user fees, among other items.

The House must now vote on the bill in order to send it to President Joe Biden’s office before the midnight Friday closing deadline. The CR would keep the government funded until December 16, after midterm elections in November.

The bill moved forward in a procedural vote on Tuesday, following the removal of a controversial energy permitting reform provision backed by West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin.

The reform proposal authorizing — part of a deal Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D.N., struck to gain his support for the Cut Inflation Act, the sweeping bill of Democrats on health care, climate change and tax reform — faced opposition from an unlikely coalition of progressive Democrats and Republicans.

“It is unfortunate that members of the United States Senate are allowing politics to endanger our nation’s energy security,” Manchin lamented in a statement explaining why he asked Schumer to remove the provision. “A failed vote on something as critical as comprehensive licensing reform only serves to embolden leaders like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin who wants to see America fail.

After the authorizing reform provision was removed, Tuesday’s largely bipartisan 72-23 procedural vote signaled that the CR would easily cross the chamber on Thursday.

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