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SARASOTA – Helios Technologies Inc. recently appointed Jean-Pierre Parent as the new Senior Vice President and General Manager of Balboa Water Group LLC.

Parent joined Helios as Executive Vice President of Global Sales in November 2020 through the acquisition of BWG Holdings I Corp., which now operates as Balboa Water Group. He has more than 35 years of managerial experience in international companies, according to a statement. His post came into effect on August 20.

“I am very pleased to recognize JP’s significant contributions to Helios in a relatively short time,” said Josef Matosevic, President and CEO of the company, in the release. “We expect JP to play a pivotal role in our progression over several years to make our electronics segment a leading player in the industry. “

Helios is a global leader in highly sophisticated motion control and electronic control technologies for various end markets. It achieved a turnover of $ 523 million in 2020.

“Among our shared values ​​is the development and exploitation of the deep talent that is found within the Helios organization,” adds Matosevic. “We are putting in place an optimal structure which will be the force multiplier for the efficient execution of our augmented strategy. “

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