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Mohamed Swidan is Senior Director and MENA Manager at Procore Technologies

Construction companies analyze real-time data against performance thresholds – assessing trends over time

Industries and markets are changing faster than ever because technology is a constant in this journey. In the construction industry, this rings true when it comes to solving and dealing with specific tasks, from stalling to document management. With increased remote collaboration in the post-Covid-19 environment, industry should provide tools that connect the dots and deliver value. Only then will the industry unlock the highest level of performance that real-time information can deliver.

Currently, the challenge for construction companies is not to capture data but to extract valuable information from it. Our commissioned study found that more than two-thirds (71%) of construction managers surveyed in the UAE still use outdated manual tools, like spreadsheets, to measure performance. This explains why only 24% rated their level of performance visibility as “very high” and others gave incomplete, inaccurate and duplicated information (more than 38%).

In particular, the technology helps construction companies thrive in the ability to access and use real-time information to gain visibility into the entire construction lifecycle, as well as the overall performance of the building. business. With this information, businesses make informed decisions and reap many benefits, including saving time and money. For example, real-time information showing how many days a particular trade will take to resolve the issue can help project managers identify the best partners to work with moving forward.

However, the benefits of real-time information are not only related to time and money – quality and security are also two areas for improvement. Almost half of respondents (49%) recorded fewer defects; 48% reported better tracking of security cases. As a company with a data-driven culture, Visioneer Builders continually strives for industry excellence in quality and safety and is an example of how real-time insights can be leveraged to establish new performance benchmarks.

Real-time information saves businesses time and money. Our survey found that each manager saves an average of almost a full day’s work (nearly five hours) each week, while companies as a whole save 1,275,000 Dh per year. Unlike those who have no visibility, they overall lose 3.5 hours per week, for 1.3 million dirhams per year.

Single-platform technology allows applications and technical tools to communicate with each other and provides the ability to gain insights to improve workflows and processes – which is more difficult with point solutions, worksheets Excel spreadsheet and traditional pen and paper.

As we move towards a new era of smarter construction, access to the right technologies and real-time information will transform the construction industry in the UAE.


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