Real-time Analytics news for the week ending April 16


In this week’s real-time analytics news: new and improved solutions for managed APIs, edge-to-cloud wireless, and IoT top the list.

Keeping up with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help you by providing a summary of some of the important news our staff encountered this week. Here is our list:

WSO2 announced that WSO2 API Manager 4.1, a platform for building, integrating and exposing digital services as managed APIs in any environment, is now available. New features and capabilities in version 4.1 include:

  • Increased productivity with simplified API-first design, SOAP-to-REST transformation and relaying, and multi-tenant configuration and policy management
  • Extensive API support with GraphQL subscription
  • Improved policy and security management with new, more flexible policy management and support for Open Policy Agent (OPA)
  • Third-party integration with Solace Event Broker for event-driven (asynchronous) APIs, token swapping support, and simplified third-party API support
  • Full analysis with ELK-based on-premises analytics and Choreo cloud analytics

Semtech Company announced the addition of multiband capabilities to its LoRa Edge device-to-Cloud geolocation platform. The new LoRa Edge LR1120 enables direct satellite-connected Internet of Things (IoT) applications in supply chain management and logistics with seamless low-power geolocation on a global scale. With LoRa Edge LR1120, intercontinental logistics companies can take advantage of highly integrated, ultra-low-power trackers with improved interoperability, more versatile connectivity for easier operation, and global mobility across multiple regulatory regions.

Moeco announced that it has developed a new generation of disposable freight trackers that enable logistics companies to reduce costs through better visibility into the location and status of every package and shipment. The Moeco Act Tracker uses 4G and 5G cellular networks and supports data collection over 2G and 3G networks to provide logistics companies with real-time access to geolocation, temperature, humidity, light and shock. The tracker works in over 180 countries and complies with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.

Tetrate announced that the Istio service mesh and Envoy proxy now support the Arm Neoverse platform. Neoverse support enables widely used open source software projects to run faster, with less power consumption and a lower total cost of ownership. Neoverse is available on a wide range of cloud environments, including AWS Graviton2 processor-based Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and for large-scale data center environments.

The news of real-time analysis in brief

Brain Systems released version 1.2 of the Cerebras software platform, CSoft, with expanded support for PyTorch and TensorFlow. Additionally, customers can now quickly and easily train models with billions of parameters via Cerebras’ weight flow technology. With the easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use Cerebras CS-2 compute solution running CSoft, developers can enable new breakthroughs in AI.

Satori announced that it is adding support for three of the most popular relational databases, MySQL, CockroachDB and MariaDB. Users can now control access to data stored in these databases in a simplified, secure and non-disruptive way. Users can connect a MySQL, CockroachDB, or MariaDB server to Satori to apply universal security policies without code or modification to data, schema, or queries; manage access universally; Adopt user and data profiling for compliant monitoring and reporting of sensitive data.

Precisely announced the release of a single-tenant SaaS deployment model for its Automate Evolve and Automate Studio Manager products. The single-tenant SaaS offering will help simplify customers’ IT environments while delivering the benefits of automating complex SAP processes. As a result, Precisely Automate (formerly Winshuttle) customers can now automate complex, data-intensive SAP processes in the cloud.

camunda announced the next generation release of its Camunda platform. Camunda Platform 8 provides organizations with speed, scalability, security and resilience without the overhead of building and maintaining infrastructure. Horizontal scalability is enabled by Zeebe, Camunda’s next-generation cloud-native workflow engine. Zeebe can scale throughput linearly by adding cluster nodes, allowing unlimited transactions to be processed at consistently low latencies.

Snow software announced enhancements to its Snow Commander product designed to help organizations progress through their cloud journey while expanding into hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Snow Commander now provides organizations with a consistent management experience across platforms, introduces Anything as a Service (XaaS) features, enables improved integration and extensibility, and offers enhanced support for global and multinational organizations.

User testing announced new features for its UserTesting Human Insight platform, which helps companies gather human insights specifically tailored to how their business operates. New features in this version of the product include the ability to customize automatically generated information. This will allow organizations to incorporate their specific terminology to help identify key moments of interest faster and easier, using feedback loops powered by machine learning. The offer also offers improved management of the use of workspaces.

Partnerships, collaborations and more

SADA announced a three-year continuation of its relationship with Google Cloud, with the goal of bringing customers to $2.5 billion in Google Cloud consumption. With this new focus, it will roll out additional offerings and services that leverage Google Cloud solutions and capabilities. The expanded relationship comes in response to increased demand from digital transformations and cloud migrations.

UiPath announced that UiPath Automation Cloud Public Sector has achieved In Process status from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). UiPath’s In Progress designation at the Moderate Impact level means the offering is on track for FedRAMP clearance. Available on the FedRAMP Marketplace, UiPath automation software can be used to process data, accelerate operations and empower government employees, and improve the customer experience of US citizens and US government agencies in a secure and transparent manner.

NetSpring announced a collaboration agreement with Intermediate DCP to develop advanced flow analysis solutions from IoT operational data. These solutions will help energy companies achieve operational excellence across field assets by uncovering new and untapped insights. The NetSpring platform enables DCP Midstream to easily customize complex business logic into their sensor-level data and alerts and provides 24×7 collaborative visibility into a variety of information via the web or a secure mobile app. announced that it had acquired ProModel Corporation. The acquisition furthers’s business growth strategy with the addition of modeling applications used by hundreds of global customers, including many Fortune 500 companies. With the acquisition of ProModel Corporation, can now leverage its capabilities in the commercial sector to optimize decision-making through better understanding of supply chains, market conditions, equipment maintenance, capacity planning and process efficiency.

Snow plow announced that it has successfully joined the Snowflake Partner Network as a Premier Partner and achieved validation of Snowflake Ready technology. The Snowflake Ready Technology Validation program recognizes organizations that have performed third-party technical validation to confirm optimization with Snowflake integrations. Through this partnership, companies can build applications on the Snowflake platform. By leveraging Snowplow’s AI-ready data, joint customers can build highly accurate propensity models or other customer-centric machine learning applications.

Aunalytics highlighted AI-powered business intelligence use cases built by the organization’s innovation lab. Established to deliver deep insights to mid-size financial services organizations without large AI budgets, the lab’s team of data scientists builds and deploys intelligent (data-driven analytical insights) capabilities for businesses looking for specific predictive capabilities to solve critical business challenges. Smart features provide answers to pressing business questions to recommend next steps to take with a particular customer to deepen or expand the relationship, and provide sales strategies and targeted marketing campaigns for better customer experiences that produce more profitable business results.

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