Pinterest shares new insights into how men are using the app in their shopping journeys


While Pinterest’s audience is predominantly female, male usage has been steadily growing, with the platform now reaching some 27% of American men between the ages of 25 and 54. This could present a unique marketing opportunity for more men’s brands and products, but what are men looking for and pinning in the app?

Today, Pinterest released new insights into male Pinner usage and how men use the app compared to other users, to help marketers better plan and strategize to their male broadcast on Pinner.

And according to data from Pinterest, male pinners are looking to make big plans in 2022 and get back to their life goals after the disruption of the pandemic.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Our study showed a mix of big intentions (eating better, finding work-life balance) and small changes to have more fun (socializing more, spending more time with friends).

Which, of course, are pretty universal post-pandemic goals, which will always be disrupted due to the rise of the Omicron variant, but Pinterest provides more specific notes on how men, in particular, are looking to achieve these goals.

Pinterest says:

  • 55% of male users seek to go to the cinema more often
  • 55% of male users seek to go to a restaurant
  • 50% are looking to host house parties in 2022
  • 60% are looking for new activities to do with the family
  • 30% of male Pinners are looking to buy a new car

There are exciting and potentially valuable opportunities in these trends, which could help align your Pinterest marketing, if you’re looking to connect with men in the app.

Additionally, Pinterest reports that 75% of male Pinners are looking to spend more money to achieve their goals this year.

Again, while this may not be the primary focus of your marketing efforts, it might well be worth spending some time on Pinterest and learning about the latest usage trends, and even experiment with Pin promotions to see if you can reach this engaged and active audience. commercial public.

So what are male Pinners looking for in their pin buying journey? Pinterest highlights three key tips:

  • Male users are highly brand-aware and will pay more for brands they know and trust
  • Men do less research before making a purchase and want to get to the bottom of the process faster, underscoring the need to contact them early in their buying journey.
  • Given this, Pinterest’s personalization in its search results is a key benefit for male users, with 85% of male users noting that the platform feels personalized to them.

Which presents more opportunities to connect with these receptive and active buyers.

Other platforms have greater reach and much stronger male usage overall, but it’s worth noting these latest trends and ideas, and considering whether Pinterest might be worth experimenting with in your broadcast in 2022.

You can read the full research report from Pinterest here.


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