Pinterest shares new insight on key trends gathering momentum on the platform and how brands can take advantage of key changes


Pinterest provided new insight into the key trends that are gaining traction on its platform, as well as some examples of how brands are using its information on evolving trends to formulate more effective awareness of Pins.

In December of last year, Pinterest released its ‘Pinterest Predicts’ report, which highlighted 30 trends that it believes will become bigger moves in 2021, based on increased search activity and engagement.

Now Pinterest says it got most of them correctly, with its latest data showing that 80% of the trends identified in this report are growing in popularity throughout the year.

As explained by Pinterest:

By giving brands a glimpse into the future – during the critical discovery mindset – Pinterest helps advertisers connect more deeply with their audiences. Pinterest’s ability to predict new habits and behaviors based on Pinner’s business continues to grow and become an increasingly important added value for advertisers.

Indeed, Pinterest is adding more tools on this front, including its very useful Pinterest Trend Tool, which allows you to search for any keyword and see how people are interacting with that topic in the app.

Pinterest Trends

That same process is part of how Pinterest data analysts crafted its overview of Pinterest predictions, and Pinterest says that, based on its data, brands are successful in formulating strategies around key changes.

  • Buick created a campaign around the Little moments of great love trend based on research that people on Pinterest celebrate even the smallest of occasions. And while this trend originated in the parties and events category, that didn’t stop the auto brand to take advantage of it, by exploiting the idea that people were having movie nights under the stars. Campaign performance exceeded referrals, with a 74% higher Video Completion Rate (VCR) compared to automatic referrals.
  • Dawn took advantage of the upward trend Bland is banned and launched a trend package based on peak spicy recipes, resulting in CPMs 24% more efficient than the household benchmark.
Buick Pinterest example

These are a few practical and actionable examples of how you can use information from Pinterest to improve your performance on the platform, and it’s clear that aligning with these trends and Pinterest’s predictions is helpful. as a way to connect with the growing interests of users.

On top of that, Pinterest also notes that trends last longer on its platform, with the usual lags. maintenance for 21% longer than on other networks.

Most trends on the internet last about six months and then fade away. But not on Pinterest. The trends here support monthly growth over 20% longer than trends on the rest of the Internet. In other words, they are not just flash in the pan. Which means brands and creators who showcase these trends benefit from content with a longer lifespan. “

To illustrate this, Pinterest shared this trend graph showing the search interest in “Forest resort‘ over time.

Pinterest Trend Board

Pinterest says that this trend, which is identified in its report, sustained growth for 13 months, as opposed to a short-term peak.

This could make Pinterest trends an even more important consideration.

While Pinterest did lose some user growth momentum Over the past quarter, the platform has seen a significant resurgence of interest amid the wave of COVID-inspired ecommerce. For some, Pinterest has replaced the physical mall during shutdowns, which has helped it build stronger relationships with users and become a more important tool for product discovery and purchase. Pinterest seeks to address this with extended product label options, and new features like Idea pins to adapt to video consumption trends.

Together, they form a potentially powerful combination for your ecommerce efforts, and the data here shows that Pinterest can be a great platform to learn and use the key changes within your digital marketing approach.

You can check out Pinterest’s full forecast update here.

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