Philadelphia Eagles free agent acquisitions to start this season


Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)

The Philadelphia Eagles have made three acquisitions that will immediately help.

If you’re looking for reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles went from the NFL penthouse in February 2018 to its washroom just over three years later (not to mention a last place in the league’s worst division), don’t look no further than that as one of the main reasons. This team had a ton of money tied up in older players that they weren’t getting anything from.

It happens on every NFL roster, but there’s usually a surefire way to fix it. Become younger in the NFL Draft.

Well you know how it went. The Philadelphia Eagles selected eight players in the draft leading up to their Super Bowl-winning season. The only one still on the team is Derek Barnett (and he’s hanging by a thread).

Year after year, Philly tossed and missed draft picks, and they had to fill in the gaps in the roster that were created by recruiting expensive talent. Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas not training ultimately led us to Darius Slay. Concerns over Shelton Gibson and Mack Hollins are the reason DeSean Jackson was brought back for a second, and aside from opening the season in 2019, an unsuccessful return.

Ultimately, this team needs to win in the draft, but there also needs to be a healthy mix of veteran talent. It may seem like it is referred to as a death sentence here, but free agency certainly has its benefits. Find some of the right cogs, and it can help a team in the washroom get back to the penthouse. That’s what Philly is hoping three of their recent offseason additions can do.

They brought back some optimism to Birds fans. Here are three of the Philadelphia Eagles’ acquisitions that are expected to start in his defense in Week 1 in Atlanta.


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