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Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Le Jeune Chef Restaurant – including the staff, students and faculty who support it – will once again prepare meals for teams participating in Little League Baseball® World Series, a few kilometers from campus.

For the second year, the restaurant — a living laboratory for students in the college’s baking, pastry, and culinary arts majors — will provide catering services inside the Dr. Creighton J. Hale International Grove, where teams stay for series.

“The Culinary Program and Le Jeune Chef partner to execute these daily meals with faculty, students and professional staff all working side-by-side,” said Michael R. Triassi, Director of Restaurant Sales and Operations for the college hospitality program. “The best part about doing an event twice is that it gets easier each time, with experience.”

The students and staff of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Le Jeune Chef restaurant and its specialties in baking, pastry and culinary arts prepare three meals a day for the 20 teams competing in the Little League Baseball World Series in South Williamsport. From left to right, in the kitchen of the teams dining room, are Lance P. Bierly, of Center Hall, majoring in Culinary Arts Technology; Shawn L. Hanlin, executive chef of Le Jeune Chef restaurant; and Trevor M. Rosato, Sous Chef II of the Young Chef and 2022 graduate of the college’s Culinary Arts and Systems major. (Photo courtesy of Little League International)

The college serves three meals a day to competitors from August 12 to 29, starting with approximately 10 teams on August 12, with the full roster of 20 teams on Saturday August 13.

With 20 teams, the restaurant plans to serve 383 people at each meal, for a total of 1,149 meals per day and approximately 19,500 meals by the end of the series.

Since the teams, who travel from all parts of the world for the series, will already be in town when Penn College’s fall semester classes begin on August 15, students will be on duty as soon as they arrive.

“With a whole new group of freshmen arriving this fall, we will have the pleasure of working with them from day one of their training,” Triassi said. “It’s exciting to be part of this international event, but what’s even more special is the ability to help our students understand all aspects of our industry.

“As they begin their education with Little League, they will all experience a variety of events throughout their time with us. Between their cooking classes, their labs and their work at Le Jeune Chef, they will all receive a invaluable experience that they will be proud of and learn from and that will propel them to do great things in our industry.

Penn College offers 16-month associate’s degrees and 12-month certificates in Baking and Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts, which can be continued to a bachelor’s degree in business administration or applied management. For more information, call 570-327-4505 or visit School of Business, Arts and Sciences.

For information on Penn Collegea national leader in applied technology education, email the admissions office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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