Oregon State Offensive, Defense Have Stellar Moments During Competitive Situation Drills: Beaver Camp Report, Day 16


CORVALLIS – Observations and notes for Day 16 from the Oregon State preseason football camp Tuesday morning at Reser Stadium.

Top scenario

Oregon State dressed for success on Tuesday, as the Beavers wore game uniforms for the first time at this camp. The offense was dressed in cream colors, while the defense wore black. The color schemes were offset by the black and white stripes of the referees, present at Reser Stadium to keep players honest during a myriad of situational drills.

Camp is only days away from its end, as it was day 16 of 18. It’s only natural to start hanging around a bit at this point. Coach Jonathan Smith said so, saying there were “camp legs” and he “was definitely seeing bumps and bruises … it’s camp heatwave.”

Smith said he felt “good about the job” for 16 days, but there are still plenty of needs, including firming up the depth chart and sorting out special teams.

“I feel great. I will still enjoy the next week and a half,” Smith said.

Smith said what stood out for him was that the players took care of each other when drills were not at full speed. Also, competitiveness.

“It’s been competitive at a lot of different positions, which you have at each camp. It just gives the impression, with our depth and experience, that we feel more competitive, ”said Smith.

Situational Tuesday

About half of the practice was spent working on various game situations, such as third and 1, goal line, late game delay, or scoring lead.

Without revealing the parts – one of the things reporters agree to keep under wraps to watch practice – the Oregon State offense has converted 11 out of 15 times to third and 1. It is not. not surprisingly Jack “Jackhammer” Colletto was involved in several. The defense’s best response came from Jaydon Grant, who pulled across the line to nail Colletto for a loss.

During the exercises on the goal line, where the ball was placed at 1 or 2, the defense was significantly better. The offense scored on 4 of 8 tries.

The defense did well in late-game situations, with one exception. And this exception is an issue that could be the difference between winning and losing a game during the season.

Infractions were faced with various late-game situations such as leading with 3:50 left to play, dragging by a basket with a few minutes to go etc. The first and second OSU units were spectacular in the first three sets of situations, easily turning around. offense every time. One bag was the disappearance of the offense on each series.

A fourth defensive winner seemed in sight in a situation with 2:10 on the clock and the offense trailing by three. Chance Nolan threw three straight failures, two due to strong defense from cornerback Rejzohn Wright. But on the fourth and 10, Anthony Gould passed high school and landed a 36-yard pass from Nolan. This ultimately led to an even 40-yard field goal by Everett Hayes.

The No.1 units clashed in a final training, with the attack recovering the ball 67 yards from the end zone. Nolan had 16 and 11 yard passes to set up a field goal, but Hayes’ 58-yard try was wide on the left.

Medical tent

Don’t look for cornerback Jaden Robinson any time soon. Robinson, injured as he tried to tackle Makiya’s tongue in last Saturday’s scrum, had another MRI scan to his shoulder on Tuesday. Smith said the injury doesn’t appear to be a short-term situation.

Defensive tackle Keonte Schad wore full protection and his team uniform at the start of training, but it was cosmetic. Schad, a transfer from Minnesota, stays clear of a hesitant knee. At this point, Schad seems unlikely for Purdue.


Fourth-year junior tight end Teagan Quitoriano is closing in on full speed. Struggling with a foot injury since June, Quitoriano took part in blocking drills and then entered a 7v7 game for the first time during camp. Smith said they are hopeful that Quitoriano will participate fully next week before the Purdue game.

The Oregon State’s starting defense looks ready, barring injuries. Unit # 1 over the past few practices has been Cody Anderson, Simon Sandberg and Alexander Skelton at DL, Andrzej Hughes-Murray and Riley Sharp at OLB, Avery Roberts and Omar Speights at ILB, Grant and Kitan Oladapo at Safety and Alex Austin and Wright on the corner. One exception is safety, where Alton Julian was constantly running with the 1s before being sidelined last week with a minor injury.

During the 1-on-1 pass rush drills, some of the defensive stars were Skelton, Anderson, Ryan Franke and Thomas Sio.


The Castors return to action for day 17 of camp Wednesday morning at 10:45 am at Prothro Field.

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