Oil Industry Produced Water Treatment Company Messaben Makes Two New Acquisitions and Opens Satellite Offices


The search for the headquarters location in Houston, TX has begun.

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/July 2, 2022/ Messaben, Corp. (Messaben), (OTC PINK: MSBN), a company focused on creating sustainable solutions by recycling fracking return water and wastewater produced primarily for the energy, oil and gas industries, in addition to several Other Industries, today announces that it has entered into a 100% acquisition agreement with THEMARK CORPORATION LLC (“TMC”) and its subsidiary RECYCLEAN CONSULTING SERVICES INC (“RECYCLEAN”) registered in TEXAS, USA. Both companies specialize in the design of innovative electrochemical processes for environmental chemical engineering solutions. The full acquisition of TMC & RECYCLEAN increases Messaben’s ability to reuse water. This enables them to reduce and/or eliminate the discharge of untreated effluent into water bodies, which can lead to eutrophication, human health risks and can also contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse effect (GHG).

“The combination of TMC and RECYCLEAN capabilities with patented Hydro-Pod™ technology, a scalable, low cost, fully automated, low energy strategic water management solution. This reduces the demand for water, a precious natural resource, by cleaning it for reuse. It allows conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon production to move into previously restricted areas, whether there is fracking flowback or produced water,” explained Rami Bakir, President of Messaben Corp., “ We expect these investments to achieve greater accessibility to unlimited applications in the mining, energy and industrial sectors. Messaben will continue to develop the technology to develop niche and scalable capabilities. »

Messaben also announces the opening of three satellite offices. Offices are in Dubai/UAE, New York/USA and Charlottetown/Atlantic Canada. Each office will provide its territory with a full range of corporate services covering the processing and recycling services offered by the company in the oil and gas sector, as well as the mining, power plant, textile, dairy and other industries.

Messaben is in the process of identifying a location for its global headquarters in Houston, TX. A headquarters in Houston would be a central location for the company, as the technology is patented in the United States. Over 60% of the global produced water management market is concentrated in North America, estimated in 2020 at over $53 billion per year. The North American market has prioritized reducing water problems and water stresses, due to environmental and governmental regulatory factors, water scarcity, and pollution mitigation incentives. Messaben’s technology plays a role in dramatically reducing the transport, disposal and transport of waste, produced water and fracture water. It also offers the side effect of reducing carbon emissions where pumping and transportation will be avoided.

Messaben CEO Rami Bakir is also excited about expanding the company’s global footprint, “At Messaben, we are excited to bring our company into the public domain by introducing our breakthrough patented technologies in water treatment and clean energy downhole intervention technologies. We are strategically positioning the company to play a leading role in decarbonization, water treatment and reuse, by offering state-of-the-art equipment that is cost effective and energy efficient. Major NOCs in the Middle East are showing interest and advanced communications are underway for our technology with pilot programs planned for this summer.


Founded by CEO Rami Bakir, who has more than 28 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Messaben was created from a group of investors, to solve one of the biggest problems in the world. oil and gas industry, produced water and technologies for cleaner energy. Today, at Messaben, our niche approach offers scalable, mobile technology. automated and easy to use. Messaben has also added cost savings into the equation by adding recycling to the process. Reuse of produced water offers sustainability, reduced carbon emissions and preservation of the ecosystem are now a reality.

Messaben offers technological solutions capable of treating the 9 main impurities in one go (TSS, boron, bacteria, SRB/APB, dissolved gas/H2S, sulphate, phosphate, oil and grease, organic matter, BOD and COD, iron and hardness ). They reduce the TDS, mainly depending on the ratio of divalent and trivalent ions to monovalent ions, in some cases the TDS is reduced by more than 80%, with an average of 50% without an RO system. It is a real-time process that Features no waiting time for the chemical reaction.

Messaben is a provider of end-to-end technology solutions dedicated to water sustainability and the treatment and reuse of produced water. Their systems provide our customers with a cost-effective solution to eliminate waste water disposal and transport. Messaben’s vision is to create a complete solution for sustainability and water reuse. They want to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. It is part of a larger effort to tackle global water scarcity and, by extension, address food and water security issues. Their advantage lies in fostering technology partnerships that will improve our local economy through environmental improvements. In addition, Messaben will continue to invest in technologies that contribute to the protection and sustainability of the global environment. Learn more about the About Us page on their website.

See Messaben CEO Rami Bakir talk about the company’s mission on LinkedIn.

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