NGA Leaders Share Acquisition and Capability Insights at 2022 Industry Strategy Summit


When senior leaders from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency met on October 25 to collectively share information on key technology, acquisition, and capability goals, the message was clear: the NGA remains focused on sustaining of GEOINT supremacy now and in the future.

The NGA Industry Strategy Summit 2022 was designed to give members of industry, academia, nonprofits, and other government organizations insight into NGA’s strategic thinking and how the agency plans to gradually develop its future operating environment. Nearly 1,700 partners participated in this year’s large-scale, outward-looking virtual event.

“Our role here at the NGA is to ensure that our nation maintains decision-making superiority through the supremacy of GEOINT,” said Phil Chudoba, NGA’s associate director for capabilities and host of the summit. “If we ever needed innovative technical solutions to help us address our key challenges – to expand our GEOINT toolbox – it really is now.”

The summit provided NGA with a unique opportunity to connect with current and future partners, share critical information while gaining awareness of future capabilities and how best to leverage those capabilities, said Chudoba, who is also responsible for the acquisition of components at NGA.

Chudoba provided an in-depth review of focus areas deemed critical to achieving agency goals and objectives and offered insights into the current acquisition environment and the true power of forming and sustaining various partnerships. He also stressed the importance of maintaining a technically competent and business-oriented workforce.

“We will remain focused on delivering [capabilities] at mission speed,” he said. “Every second counts in ensuring effective decision-making, the effectiveness of our fighters – and frankly in terms of our fighters – getting them all home safe.”

Chudoba discussed the growing and evolving DOD and intelligence community acquisition policies and how the NGA can benefit from adopting more agile acquisition practices and methods.

“To get the best possible proposals and ultimately the best solutions, we are going to contact you,” he said. “We want to make sure that we constantly understand, evaluate and consider some of the viable and beneficial technologies that are out there.”

Chudoba also addressed the continued development of capabilities considered critical to refining agency business rhythms, improving workflow efficiency and overall architectural efficiency while noting the urgency to strengthen intensive inter-agency collaborations, including including, but not limited to, in the areas of computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human-machine collaboration.

“It’s no secret to industry and academia that these are areas of interest to our adversaries,” he said. “That’s where our heads are focused here at NGA.”

Other highlights of the session included:

• An overview of the St. Louis geospatial ecosystem and Moonshot Laboratories by Sue Pollmann, Program Director NGA West Executive and Next NGA West;
• A presentation by White House Presidential Innovation Fellow Carlos Roqué on the NGA Software Way, a plan for developing useful software faster and more consistently;
• An incisive overview of business opportunities at the NGA by Dale Rainey, Director of the NGA’s Office of Small Business Programs and Kelly Pickering, Senior Procurement Officer;
• A briefing on unique opportunities to engage with the NGA/Research by NGA Director of Research, Cindy Daniell, and Rebekah Cecil, Head of Program Planning and Execution at the Branch of research ;
• A presentation by Maria Muse Duncan, Director of Source Discovery and Assessments, regarding several tools and technologies successfully implemented and currently operated by NGA

Chudoba closed the summit by thanking participants and again noting the importance of developing and maintaining key partnerships in the public and private sectors.

Referring to the work ahead and maintaining the stated emphasis on GEOINT supremacy, Chudoba said, “We can’t get there without locking arms with the incredible capabilities you all bring to the national security space. “

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