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The National Veterans Creative Arts Competition is a national veterans rehabilitation event held annually. It is an opportunity to recognize veterans for their creative achievements in art, music, creative writing, theater and dance and to demonstrate to communities across the country the therapeutic benefits Arts.

National Veteran Creative Arts Competition and Festival

Across the country each year, veterans enrolled in VA health care facilities participate in local creative arts competitions. The competitions include categories in the areas of art, music, creative writing, drama and dance. The first-placed entries in the local competition move on to a national judging process and the first-, second-, and third-place entries in each category are determined. Selected Gold Medalist Veterans are invited to attend the National Veteran Creative Arts Festival held annually at a different VA facility.

The Central Virginia Health Care System is currently accepting entries for its own local competition with a deadline of August 1, 2022. All entries will be judged in early September along with a Showcase event that all can attend.

You can click on the site below for more information and access the “events” tab for applications.

You can contact any of the following creative arts team members for assistance:

Freda Sergi

recreation therapist

Ext. 4161 / 804-387-3303

[email protected]

Consuela Gregoire

recreation therapist

Ext. 7838

[email protected]

Mandy Freeman

Occupational therapist

Ext. 4221

[email protected]

Reilly Fox

recreation therapist

Ext. 3082 / 804-637-5407

[email protected]

Ra’jon’s Wall

Ext. 2947 / 804-547-4737

[email protected]


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