National Cherry Spitting Competition Trophy to be won


A national title and a cherry-shed trophy are on hand for hopeful candidates for Cromwell.

The current cherry stone spitting world record is for an American who spat a cherry stone 28.51 meters away during an international championship in 2004. (File image)
Photo: 123RF

The National Cherry Spitting Competition trophy is up for grabs on December 28, despite reduced competition for Covid-19 restrictions.

The annual event will be held at the Forage Information Center between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm with competitors eligible to register on the same day.

Kelly Cruickshank-Giles, head of community relations at Cromwell Promotions Group, said they would focus on the cherry-spitting competition instead of the usual range of activities.

Vaccine passes will be required and security measures will be in place at the outdoor site.

“People watching cannot come a certain distance from the mat. The working staff who will determine how far they have spat out the cherry stone will be fully masked and gloved, all hygiene will be well groomed and they “don’t really touch it with their hands. We have brooms,” she said.

“Competitors are given their own cherries which are not handled by anyone else.

“Then it’s up to each competitor to take the pit out of the cherries and prepare it to spit out. So it’s not about spitting out saliva or anything, they’re actually throwing the pit out of their mouths on it. carpet.”

Good technique made the difference, said Cruickshank-Giles.

“It’s all in the tongue. Those who are really good at it, they’ve got all the juice in the pit so it’s literally just the pit and they spit it out rolling their tongue, and some even do a bit of a run. to the top.”

Most did not practice, instead retaining their spitting prowess for the competition mat.

“In the past, a lot of people who attended the event vacationed in the area and came out of curiosity,” said Cruickshank-Giles.

“We normally find that it’s actually a tourist or a vacationer who wins and it’s just a talent that they didn’t realize they had.

“The good thing about that is that the trophy has moved quite a bit across the country. But there are definitely a few people who have come back for a few years to improve and keep their reputation.”

The length of the competition mat they used was around 20 meters, which none had yet managed to exceed, so far, she said.

The current world record is held by American Brian “Young Gun” Krause, who spat out a cherry pit of 28.51 meters during an international championship in 2004.


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