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BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Musical melodies filled the Tennessee high school arena on October 2. The school hosted the annual “Music in the Castle” group competition.

Organizers said the competition had been going on for more than sixty years and that they had no plans to stop anytime soon.

The groups were judged on music, visuals, effects, percussion, drum major and auxiliaries.

Although it is a competition, some have focused on the big picture. “Kids can do this kind of thing again physically,” said a parent in the group. “They (the band members) enjoy performing the music on the band’s field.”

Many groups were embraced by the audience and left the field with a smile on their face.

“Thank you for coming and showing your support for all of the group’s programs within three hundred miles,” said David Semones, group principal at Tennessee High School. “Thank you for coming and supporting your kids and supporting the Tennessee High Band Booster.”

For more information visit the Mighty Viking Band website.

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