Letters on funding for road repairs, school tests, open transport, etc.


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• Here’s a point that pops up from time to time in Sun’s news and editorial pages, but it bears repeating for the sake of some Sound Off callers: Every 10 years or so, voters in the county of Alachua if they are willing to pay to keep our roads in better condition. So far, voters have said no. It would be a good idea for people unhappy with potholes and rough pavement to vote “yes” the next time the question is on the ballot.

• Test, test, test — it’s that time of year in the school system. School board officials need to put themselves in the shoes of their school testing administrators to know what resources are needed to ensure successful testing in each school. Year-round staff allocations should allocate a test administrator for each school. Talk to your school administrators, school board members, and you will be amazed at what is being accomplished.

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• City and county commissioners do not need comprehensive new zoning plans. They need to respect and stick to the ones they already have and stop making exceptions for all the clearcutting and high rise developers.

• We need the disinformation czar to review Florida’s parental rights bill. It doesn’t mention “don’t say gay” anywhere. This simply stops K-3 sex education in schools. Also, they should take a look at the SCOTUS project from the Roe v. Wade who seems to have surfaced. It does not prohibit abortion; it simply leaves the choice to the states and voters concerned.

• Thanks, DeSantis! I can’t wait to get my gun back and put it in a holster so I can walk around without hiding it. We can be the wild, wild South! No more tourists or family visits from other states.

• Governor, when pushing for unlicensed firearms legislation, allowing the visible display of weapons in grocery stores, theaters, playgrounds and malls, be sure to include your office, state legislature and Supreme Court buildings, since you are so concerned about individual liberties.

• My decision is completely made. Governor DeSantis is probably the best governor we’ve ever had. The reason is that when the Gainesville Sun belittles someone like he’s been, spending so much money talking about what a horrible governor he is, you better believe he’s the best!

• I understand the need for The Sun to print each of our governors daily edicts from hell. The public needs to know, but why do we need their picture in every edition, every day, sometimes twice in the same issue? Last Sunday, there were four photos of him, including one in color!

• Want to know what reasonable and moderate Republicans think? Learn about the Lincoln Project and the Republican Accountability Project. They stand for democracy, not madness.

• If life begins at 15 weeks, father support must also begin at 15 weeks.

• A recommendation to limit the use of tobacco products, both by young people and by adults, is to stop growing tobacco.

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