Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas are good friends, Masters competitors


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — Close friends Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas have been chasing the same golf dreams since they were teenagers.

Spieth holds the bragging rights, but Thomas is on a quest to earn his own green jacket at this year’s Masters Tournament.

Here is a snapshot of their views, as described in pre-competition interviews at Augusta National Golf Club:

Justin Thomas

“I feel great going into this week,” Thomas said. ” I worked hard. I feel like I have a pretty good game plan in terms of preparing when I’m at home, and I feel like I’ve done that. I just have to stay in the moment and stay patient and work my way around the course once we start on Thursday.

Thomas receives advice from golfing superstar Tiger Woods, who is returning to the Masters himself this year. What kind of advice is Thomas looking for?

“I don’t necessarily ask him for a lot of details on here,” Thomas said. “When I ask him stuff at home, I’m just – it’s like I’m asking Jon Rahm a question or asking Jordan a question. Any person or buddy that I respect his game for and I think he’s really good and maybe a little bit better at something that I’m not always so good at like I want to learn so I going to ask a question.”

He said he felt like he might be underachieving in the majors, but he intended to change that.

“I feel like I learned, but I put too much pressure on myself in the past and maybe put the tournament on too big a pedestal and tried to, you know, overdo it. things when in reality I should have had confidence in my game and the things I can do on the course, with the golf ball, whatever it is,” he said. “I just need to improve a bit to get into my own world and go play golf.”

Why did the Augusta National greens confuse him so much?

“You know, it’s so situational about where you are on the greens. I putt incredibly – I read the greens really well. I putt incredibly when I come here in any other round, just rounds fun and play. I think it’s a lot easier to get the ball where you want. It’s a lot easier to leave the ball under the hole because the ball doesn’t have that extra roll or take that bounce that maybe goes just over the hole.

Jordan Spieth

“I feel like my game is in a good place. I feel like I’m ready to fight,” Spieth said. “And with the forecast and if we don’t get too much rain, the course was as firm and fast as I’ve ever seen it on a Monday, yesterday. So ideally it comes down to that, add some wind, and you’ll really need to know the golf course, chart your course really well. J I really like Michael’s preparation and mine in terms of our ability to organize ourselves, miss in the right places, and take advantage when we’re supposed to take advantage.

He said he felt “very confident” this week, even though last month’s results were not what he was looking for.

“I would be disappointed if I didn’t give myself a chance this weekend,” he said. “Yeah, it would be a disappointing week this week. That said, who knows what weather conditions will bring and stuff like that. But I love this place. I feel good about my game now. Like I said, if I’m on these greens myself, then the rest of the game goes really well.

What awaits him this week?

“I came here after missing the cup and had a chance on Sunday, and I came here playing well and had a chance,” he said. “2017, I probably did it the best, and it was one of my worst finishes. I almost just threw everything out the window and said, let’s just walk the path we always do and don’t try to get too cute, wait for your chances.

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