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QUANTICO, Virginia – When the Air Force Office of Special Investigations rolled out its 2018 strategic plan, it listed five lines of effort that provide a clear and achievable vector for OSI Airmen to integrate seamlessly with the leadership of the Air Force and the Air Force Department move forward.

The fifth line of effort, “Strengthening our partnerships”, plays a key role at the national and international levels in the areas of counterintelligence and law enforcement. Fostering partnerships expands resources and spheres of influence through information and training exchanges, and enhances multi-agency collaborative efforts through global strategic engagements and joint tactical initiatives.

“Strengthening our partnerships” was presented among the Deputy Under-Secretary for Procurement, the Deputy Advocate General for Contractor’s Liability and Conflict Resolution, the Director of Civil Law Area of ​​the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force and the commander of the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations, when the parties jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on July 8, agreeing that collaboration in the fight against fraudulent acquisitions and corruption is a top priority for the Ministry.

The MoU states that “the objective is to strengthen and expand the strategic, operational and tactical relationships of the parties, improve information sharing and coordinate actions to improve and advance tactics, techniques and procedures to effectively combat fraud, misconduct and corruption in DAF acquisitions. . The parties will serve as permanent members of the DAF Procurement Integrity Working Group.

The purpose of the MOU is as follows: “The parties agree in principle to plan, work and train together to the greatest extent possible to achieve the objectives of this MOU and to align their efforts through continuous cooperation and collaboration. The parties further agree to proactively seek remedies through common objectives, including: correctly and promptly sharing actionable information necessary to enable the timely pursuit of available legal, administrative and contractual remedies; facilitate criminal investigations, including those that support the Department’s supply chain risk mitigation efforts and cybersecurity priorities; and coordinate criminal and civil litigation efforts with the Department of Justice.

The MOU then defines the specific joint and individual responsibilities of the parties.

Each of the signatories shared their thoughts upon entering into the agreement.

“This joint agreement with our vital departmental partners will provide the critical team approach to detect and mitigate fraud at the department and facility level,” said Brig. General Terry L. Bullard, AFOSI Commander. “History has shown us that the more all stakeholders in fraud prevention and detection work together, the greater our ability to eliminate fraud wherever it is found and deter others who might consider it. healthy.

“As chair of the new Air Force Department Procurement Integrity Working Group, the Legal Counsel’s Office will coordinate legal remedies for corruption, fraud and other misconduct affecting the transactions of the Air Force. department. [such as grants, cooperative agreements and contracts]Said Derek Santos, deputy general counsel for contractor liability and conflict resolution. “Prioritizing anti-corruption initiatives will support the national security strategy. Our goal is to protect the military systems from those who are dishonest, through coordinated responses to any attempt to introduce counterfeit parts into our supply chain or any other attempt to compromise the commercial integrity of US missions. Air Force or Space Force.

“This MOU updates our collaborative approach with the GC and OSI to combat procurement fraud within the Department,” said Major General Cameron G. Holt, Assistant Deputy Secretary to markets. “It relies on the teamwork required to maintain the integrity of a procurement system that exceeds the $ 70 billion spent each year. Our consistent execution of this Memorandum of Understanding will strengthen public confidence to protect the equipment, supplies, systems and services necessary to conduct our national defense through air and space power. At all levels of DAF command, contractors, GC and OSI professionals “plan, work and train together” to improve our deterrence and apply the right remedies to those who commit fraud and in so doing, risk lives and the accomplishment of the mission. “

“We have a tremendous heritage of teamwork among the acquisition, law enforcement and legal communities that we use in the fight against acquisition fraud and corruption,” said Robert Preston II , Judge Advocate General Corps, Director of Civil Law. “This MOU is our formal commitment to make this fight a top priority.”

This memorandum replaces the memorandum of understanding of December 5, 2011 between the parties and will expire nine years after the effective date.

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