Hibbing PD K9 to participate in the “America’s Top Dog” contest


K9 Chase and Officer Burns pose for a photo before entering the competition.

Chase, a K9 policeman from Hibbing, Minnesota, is one of 16 K9 policemen selected to appear on A&E’s competition show “America’s Top Dog” this season.

Chase was selected from thousands of dogs after his handler, Police Officer Hibbing Joey Burns, applied after watching an episode of the show.

“I was sitting there watching, I thought how cool it would be to have the opportunity to do something like that.” Burns said.

After learning that they were selected, they had a few weeks to train for the show. Burns said he needs to teach Chase a few new skills specific for the show, like pushing a button and jumping off a dock into the water. The show puts the dogs through an intense obstacle course, something they practiced before the show was filmed in September.

“The obstacles were nothing we could really build or replicate, but the main thing I did was come to parks like this and I would run it on the playground equipment,” said Burns.

Burns says he hopes to represent Minnesota well on the series.

“My greatest hope is that I can not only make the Iron Range and the community of Hibbing where I come from in Grand Rapids and Iron Range proud, but I can also make all of Minnesota proud,” said Burns.

Burns also worked with state lawmakers to pass a bill that would allow emergency first responders to provide medical assistance to K9 police officers in the field if they are injured. Right now in Minnesota, a person can face misdemeanor charges for providing medical assistance to an animal.

Chase was donated to the Hibbing Police Department by Blaine-based McDonough K9.

Burns is revealing no secrets about Chase’s performance in the competition. You can watch Chase and Burns on “America’s Top Dog” on A&E at 7pm on Tuesday July 13th.

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