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SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 19, 2021–

Heap, the leading digital information platform, today released its latest Digital Experience Insights report, which, after analyzing millions of anonymized user events, found that 84% Funnel analytics provide misleading data that hinders teams’ ability to improve the digital user experience. As a solution to these findings, Heap also announced Journey Maps, the latest addition to Heap Illuminate, which automatically highlights critical and invisible user behavior and then suggests actions to improve the digital experience. For more information, visit heap.io/product/journey-maps.

A giant leap from existing tools that only analyze pre-specified behaviors, Journey Maps gives teams a complete picture of the varied paths users take in digital products. As such, Journey Maps is the first-ever analytics tool that returns accurate data on user actions that have the most impact on conversion and retention. With Illuminate and Journey Maps, digital teams gain accurate insight faster and can better and faster optimize product and user experiences to increase conversion, user engagement, and lifelong value.

Heap Journey Maps was created in response to the analysis of millions of user events and the company’s ongoing collaboration with customers. Heap’s research found that:

  • 59% of conversion funnels miss an interaction associated with lower conversion
  • In 63% of conversion funnels, there is an alternate path to conversion that is not followed
  • For every user action measured with a traditional funnel, nearly 20 interactions remain untracked and unanswered

This information underscores the anxiety digital manufacturers face when making decisions based on unbiased and potentially disastrous information. Heap Illuminate captures all the data needed so teams can act with confidence.

“Heap Illuminate helps us capture what we might have missed,” said Brandon Walsh, director of the Amway Center of Digital Analytics Excellence. “Heap enables our analysts to make frequent, data-driven decisions based on small nuggets of information highlighted with just a few clicks. . “

Journey Maps adds to Heap Illuminate capabilities with:

  • Suggested steps: automatically recommends funnel steps that are not currently being followed but have a significant drop
  • Group suggestions: Automatically identifies and suggests user groups that have a disproportionate correlation with conversion and retention
  • Effort analysis: Quantifies – for the first time ever – the amount of friction users face in a given stream
  • Suggested page views: Displays the most commonly viewed types of pageviews to ensure teams are reviewing their data with the right level of granularity

“Our goal is to provide the people who create digital products with the data and information they need to create something people love,” said Dan Robinson, CTO of Heap. “Heap Illuminate brings out the surprises, alternate paths and detours that represent actual user behavior, as opposed to expected user behavior. Understanding the reality of what users do is a key step in creating a product. Because our platform starts from a complete data set, we are uniquely able to help digital builders go beyond their gut to make fast, confident decisions that drive real results. commercial.

With Journey Maps as the latest innovation, Heap continues to deliver the fastest time to value in the digital analytics category. In addition, the company’s product advancement and continued market dynamics are fueling net ARR growth at a 224% CAGR year-over-year.

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