Game Pass News July 23-30: Lots of announcements, rumors and information: Lots of announcements, news and reports; etc


The last week, from July 23 to July 30, was interesting. Even though there wasn’t just one new subscription, it seemed like an endorsement. Games were announced as soon as they hit subscription, with plenty of rumors and interesting material popping up all over our weekly roundup.

To see more games, the gamepass allows you to play new games.

Playdead is the only game to be part of the Pass, which introduces the next generation of gaming.

If you missed a project earlier and haven’t tried the subscription project, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. The Inside show in 2016 came out, won numerous awards, and received highly respected reviews from gamers and critics.


You can access Playdead’s award-winning indie adventure. In is an intense story-driven platformer that combines action-packed gameplay Go to Microsoft Store.

Game Pass announcements.

As soon as the Xbox release was complete, Annapurna Interactive had a show this week. Meanwhile, we learned that 5 games from the company will be in Game Pass: “You must have commented from this company.”

  • Bounty Star
  • Herd
  • model
  • An Ashen Solar Shale December 6, 2022
  • Thirty-thirty people in 2023.

There is more information about the games here.

The publisher has announced that it will be updating Edith Finch’s Pass What Remains game and Outer Wilds to XX, the SX game.

Previously this week, this date was used to determine which pieces of games the release date was released for.

I just left Game Pass.

The following 5 games will be removed from the Game Pass subscription until the end of July.

  • Omno
  • Lumines Remastered
  • Katamari Damacy REROLL.
  • Idyki: an ancient myth
  • dodgeball academy

More bonuses for Game Pass Ultimate.

Those who get their Minecraft coins this week can get a new erk for Minecraft.

The news and materials are interesting.


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