Funding and acquisitions in Indian startups this week [07-12 Nov]


This week, 26 Indian startups raised funds of which 22 received a total of aroundt $216 million. Klove Dental and Keka have been top fundraisers which took in $67 million and $57 million, respectively. Last week, 24 local startups raised funds worth approximately $455.2 million.

Meanwhile, details of four of the total funded startups remained undisclosed.

Growth/late-stage transactions

This week, three late-stage startups raised funds. List includes Clove Dental’s $67 million roundMasaai School and Iba Cosmetics among others. Cloud-based multimedia SaaS technology company Amagi has officially announced its $100 million+ funding round, however, it was Already added in last week’s roundup.

Details of the 26 chords can be found here.

Early stage offers

At the early stage, 23 startups raised funds, including four undisclosed rounds. HR tech startup Keka topped the list with a $57 million Series A round. The list also includes health tech startup Even, SilverEdge, Supertails, Rivaara Labs, and CureBay, among others.

Undisclosed deals

Symbio Generics, CreditTech, QubeHealth and knead Did not divulge their financial details.

Offers by city and by segment

This week, Bengaluru-based startups were leading in terms of the number of seed deals and the amount they raised. According fintrackrAccording to data from , 13 Bengaluru-based startups raised funds this week amounting to $44.33 million, or 20.56% of the total fundraising. During the week, Delhi-based startups-NCR raised $82 million across four deals.

The full breakdown of deals across cities and segments in H1 can be viewed below:


Healthcare tech startups were the largest segment by deal count, with startups in this space raising $28.2 million across four deals. Fintech, SaaS, HRtech, gaming and edtech startups were next on the list.

Launch of the fund

In addition to fundraising, this week also saw three startup-focused fund launch announcements. The list includes Pi Ventures’ $8 million fund, Quona Capital’s $332 million fund, and Z21 Venture’s $5 million fund.

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