Essential workers have access to funding for unpaid COVID expenses – NBC Connecticut


They got through the pandemic by packing our groceries, driving our buses and taking care of our health. Now the state wants to compensate these essential workers or their families for all expenses related to COVID.

The state has set aside $ 34 million for essential workers who contracted or died from COVID-19.

Many of these workers were at work during the pandemic even before anyone wore a mask.

“Healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store workers, bus drivers, corrections workers and many more who contract covid 19 at work through no fault of their own,” Ed said. Hawthorn, President of the AFL-CIO.

Hawthorn says many essential workers have been left with unpaid medical bills related to COVID.

“For over a year, essential workers have been crying for help as the pandemic rages through our state and our nation,” Hawthorn said.

He added: “This program will potentially help thousands of essential workers. “

The state will pay for lost wages and unpaid medical bills related to COVID-19 infection or death between March 10, 2020 and July 20, 2021.

“The fund has $ 34 million allocated by the legislature to be distributed on a first come, first served basis,” said State Comptroller Natalie Braswell.

There is no maximum amount that someone will be able to receive, but the burial allowance will be capped at $ 3,000.

“We’re really looking at people who didn’t have these protections or who spent all of their sick leave or all of their time off and then had to take time off work without pay,” Senator Julie Kushner, D-Danbury, said.

The fund will not cover expenses already paid by an employer or an insurance company.

“I think it’s understood that there’s no double-deduction here if you’ve already been compensated, so you’re actually not going to receive any money from this fund,” Kushner said.

There are approximately 200,000 essential workers in the state and the program is on a first come, first served basis. To apply, you can visit


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