DoorDash considering acquisition of Deliveroo, report says


DoorDash, the American food delivery company, wanted to take over Britain’s Deliveroo, but the companies were unable to reach an agreement, Bloomberg reported on Sunday March 6.

The merger, originally considered last summer, would have made a food delivery business with a turnover of £4bn ($5.2bn).

DoorDash ended up buying Wolt Enterprises Oy, a Finnish startup, for around $8 billion, one of the most notable mergers in the field.

Food delivery has grown in value during the pandemic, especially in its early stages when a vaccine was not available. But most businesses struggle to make a profit.

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DoorDash also recently acquired Bbot, an ordering and payment technology provider for restaurants, which PYMNTS says will improve online channels and power in-store orders and payments.

“We are excited to offer our combined suite to an even broader selection of merchants in the hospitality space – including bars, hotels and ghost kitchens – so these businesses can engage with more customers, grow their quality of service and increase their sales,” DoorDash chief revenue officer Tom Pickett said in a statement. “Bbot has developed industry-leading features and highly customizable tools that will allow DoorDash to better meet the ever-expanding range of merchant needs.”

The PYMNTS study found that 42% of all consumers had used a delivery aggregator in the past 18 months. Of this number, 54% had used DoorDash.

But the report notes that the percentage of people who use DoorDash still falls short of the total and broader population of restaurant-goers.

Survey results revealed that in a survey of 2,400 American adults, more than two-thirds order from at least one type of restaurant at least once a month.

For this reason, DoorDash’s acquisition of Bbot makes sense, as it could help increase the total number of transactions that can be made.



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