Dave Cantin Group (DCG) Announces Closing of Over $1 Billion in Total Acquisitions in 2021, High Expectations for 2022


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Dave Cantin Group (DCG), one of the world’s largest automotive dealership M&A firms, announced that it has closed over $1 billion in total acquisitions of car dealerships and completed approximately 40 deals in total in 2021, for an astonishing 40% increase in total acquisition value.

In a year that plagued the automotive industry with supply chain issues and ever-changing sales cycles, DCG exceeded expectations by continuing to demonstrate its nationwide influence in the competitive auto dealership industry. In addition to high marks in total acquisitions, DCG has increased market share by more than 10% in its automotive acquisitions customer base, and CEO Dave Cantin expects the success to continue.

“DCG demonstrated first-class services in 2021 with over $1 billion in total acquisitions,” said CEO Dave Cantin. “DCG is an industry leading organization with high expectations and an incredible team of experts. We are excited to build on this momentum in 2022 and create more value for our customers. »

DCG leveraged decades of industry experience and innovative problem solving to drive results in 2021, growing its total acquisitions by more than 35% in a year marked by the pandemic. With the auto dealership industry in high demand, Cantin is confident that 2022 will bring even better results, projecting a value of around $1.5 billion for acquisitions.

“With competitive opportunities and accessible valuations, we are confident DCG will complete approximately 50 M&A transactions this year,” Cantin said.

Also in 2021, as part of Cantin’s commitment to donate a percentage of every transaction to resources in this region, more than two dozen communities benefited from DCG’s philanthropic arm. DCG Donation.

“The more success we have, the more opportunities we can create for the benefit of the community. Giving back is a core principle of DCG and we always seek to support community efforts that make a difference.

About the Dave Cantin Group:

Dave Cantin Group (DCG) is a national company headquartered in the heart of New York City at Rockefeller Center with satellite offices across the country. DCG is a holding company comprised of three structured entities, all designed to support the company’s mission to build, grow, enhance and secure customers’ legacy in the automotive industry. DCG Acquisitions is the Mergers & Acquisitions branch of the firm specializing in automotive purchase/sale transactions. DCG Capital provides capital-based services to automotive dealerships. DCG Media organizes automotive-specific information and data and disseminates information through various channels to the automotive industry.

DCG Acquisitions is one of the largest automotive dealership M&A firms in the industry, collectively performing billions in automotive dealership mergers and acquisitions. DCG Capital assists owners, executives, and automotive authorities with capital-based services such as growth recapitalizations, loan assistance, CFO services, GM accelerator programs, and more.

DCG Media is focused on the cultivation, curation and dissemination of high-level automotive information and data. The flagship brand is Dealer News Today (DNT), the leading automotive podcast station listened to on 7 continents and in thousands of cities and territories around the world. Podcast channels include a partnership with Cox Automotive, an Automotive Authority show featuring top-level industry interviews, and a mergers and acquisitions-focused show featuring Dave Cantin.

To learn more, visit www.davecantingroup.com


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