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PayNearMe launches behavior-based analytics solutions

October 25, 2022

In the United States, billing and payment platform PayNearMe has launched a suite of analytics solutions called PayNearMe Insights, providing payment and consumer behavior data to help customers understand the health of their business, forecast results and adapt payment strategies.

PayNearMe supports all major digital payment types and channels – including Cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo – on one platform. The new Insights Suite has been developed to enable billers and gaming operators to measure and compare their payment data with global industry data, track payment and consumption trends as they take place in their market or location, and predict the impact on their business.

Users can also connect with third-party data partners, bringing in external data to help tailor their payment strategies. The company says this approach provides the structure needed to use consumer behavior data in predictive modeling and machine learning, and analyze patterns in datasets to help predict customer payment behavior.

In addition to the suite’s dashboard features, billers and gaming operators can ingest and segment data in near real-time, allowing them to examine consumer behavior from different angles and identify opportunities for improvement. improving the user experience. Product manager John Minor (pictured) says payments and consumer behavior data have not, until now, been readily available to learn from and drive operational improvements. “With PayNearMe Insights, our customers will be able to access a treasure trove of actionable data and use it to make more informed decisions.”

Website: www.paynearme.com.

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