County Epicenter Project, Funding a Mess | Opinion


Although it took me a while to get up from the ground after reading the article “Epicentre’s contract questioned” (Sunday August 7 Herald of Fort Bend), I just couldn’t pass up a comment on this mess the county got itself into, and it adds to the saying, “you just can’t make this stuff up”.

Looks like Fort Bend County Circus is back in town. Really guys? Spending over $26 million a year, and a total of $178 million on something that appears to be unfundable. What a jug!

If the county had bought it, the total would have been $144 million, but that would be – and I quote Andy Myers – “the county chose not to borrow the funds or request a bond issue – which would require voter approval.

Sneaky and sneaky, that’s what I see.

To get what you all want, you’ll do anything, and we have to pay for it.

And Mr. Meyers, I appreciate you stepping up to try to get the town of Rosenberg to pay, but if I remember correctly, they and the people around didn’t want it to start.

There are dangerous roads you don’t have money to pave (Wiiiiams School Road, Ricefield, Old Needvile-Farchild to name a few), you can’t keep county employees due about the lack of pay, and don’t even get me started on the situation at the sheriff’s office, but look at all the high salaries of high-ranking officials. You don’t see them leaving.

Finally, demolishing the old RFD #2 station by the river to build a new facility was a complete waste of money. Guys, work with what you have and close the checkbook already. It already makes me want to run for commissioner to end the blank check syndrome in our county, but before I run I should find 3 other candidates across the county who are skilled and ready – there’s more of a lion in the den that has to go, and don’t worry about the county judge spot, by now he should have sealed his own fate, get out there and VOTE.


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