Congress passed legislation to restrict funding for VA experiments on dogs


Last month, Congress passed legislation to restrict funding for dog experiments through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The new legislation calls on the VA to “eliminate or reduce” these experiments on dogs, cats and primates by 2025.

This legislation is due to the White Coat Waste Project (WCW), a taxpayer watchdog group that represents more than 2 million library and animal lovers, who agree that “taxpayers should not be forced to pay more than 20 billions of dollars each year for useless and cruel experiments on dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals.

Source: WhiteCoatWaste/Youtube

In 2020, WCW revealed how the VA lab in St. Louis used dogs for invasive and deadly heart experiments. Documents revealed that 32 six-month-old puppies had inflammatory agents injected into their veins. The dogs were then cut open and their hearts removed while still alive. The VA Office of Inspector General’s investigation found that the VA of St. Louis violated federal law and spent $32,858 on the cruel dog experiments before requiring approval from the secretary of the VA.

Over $300,000 in taxpayer funding has been spent on the project since the dog experiments began in 2021. WCE’s hard lobbying and advocacy work through Congress led the VA to begin the process of implementing implement a plan to replace the use of dogs, cats and primates in experiments.

A 2020 study by the National Academies of Sciences report found that most VA tests performed on dogs are unnecessary. The VA also did not justify the use of dogs or seek alternatives.

Finally, after being exposed by WCW, the VA lab in St. Louis, Missouri, ended its controversial dog experiments. This lab was one of only two VA labs that still performs testing on dogs. The other is in Richmond, Virginia, and has been continually exposed for cruel practices.

Source: The Humane Society of the United States/Youtube

According to WCW, Americans are overwhelmingly supportive of the idea of ​​abandoning animal testing, including cruelty, and killing them unnecessarily.

“Broken Bureaucracy,” a WCW report, showed how the FDA is forcing drug companies to abuse puppies in unnecessary testing. Federal spending bills for the VA have clamped down on unnecessary testing of dogs, cats and primates. The bill also contains unprecedented language directing the VA to create a plan to phase out testing on dogs, cats and primates by 2025. The bill will also prevent new experiments from starting.

Many congressmen and senators have spoken about the need to save animals and stop these unnecessary tests.

Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL) has led congressional efforts to cut funding for VA testing of dogs, cats and primates. He also contributed to the introduction of the puppet law to permanently ban funding for VA dog testing and led efforts to block funding for VA dog testing in annual federal spending bills. Mast commented,

“The VA’s use of taxpayer dollars to fund cruel testing of man’s best friend is unacceptable. We have made good progress, but I will continue to fight until these useless experiments are over for good.

Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-NV) has also led efforts to cut funding for dog, cat and primate testing. She also helped introduce the PUPPERS Act to permanently ban funding for VA painful dog testing and led efforts each year to block funding for VA dog testing in annual federal spending bills.

“For years, working with groups like White Coat Waste, I led bipartisan efforts to end the VA’s deadly and outdated canine experiments. I’m glad the VA continues to phase out its cruel and unnecessary dog ​​testing so that those resources can be redirected to modern, humane research that will improve the lives of veterans.

The bill won’t stop VA animal testing, but it will make it harder for the VA to experiment on animals, and hopefully we can work towards banning the practice altogether! We commend WCW for their great work and hope there will be no more VA experiences by 2025! Sign this petition to stop dogs being used for testing in Virginia!

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