Blue Jackets won’t be bullied after offseason acquisitions and other camp notes


COLUMBUS, Ohio – A collection of notes, ideas, ruminations and did you know collected throughout the week that was for the Blue Jackets:

Point 1: Thank you for coming

The free agent signing of superstar winger Johnny Gaudreau dominated the headlines in Columbus this summer, so one of the most popular questions for Blue Jackets players at the start of training camp has been: “Where were you when you learned that Gaudreau had been signed?

The Blue Jackets did, however, make two other notable acquisitions.

They may not have generated all the Johnny Hockey buzz, but the trade of scrappy left wing Mathieu Olivier and the free agent signing of tough defenseman Erik Gudbranson have brought a sign of relief among the Blue Jackets. back.

The Blue Jackets learned a hard lesson last season. The NHL isn’t as violent or filled with fights as it was, say, 15 years ago, but the tough stuff hasn’t been completely eradicated either.

What started as whispers from players and coaches mid-season became a public cry for help as the pace and passion of games began to pick up in the spring. There was a game at the end of March against Minnesota in which you really worried about the well-being of the Blue Jackets.


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