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Batavia projects participate in state funding

ALBANY – Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Tuesday that an additional $ 196 million has been provided to support 488 projects in several New York states, including one in the city of Batavia and two in the city of Batavia.

The money comes from state agency programs that participated in Round XI of the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) initiative.

The city of Batavia will use $ 1 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to make improvements to aging water pipes on Jackson Street. The total estimated cost of the project is $ 1,351,908, of which $ 351,908 comes from local funds. The improvements will benefit 213 people, of which 144, or 68%, are low- and moderate-income people.

The City of Batavia will use $ 747,500 in CDBG funds to replace public infrastructure at the King’s Plaza Sewer Pumping Station. The total estimated project is $ 1,485,000, including $ 184,000 from WIIA and $ 553,500 from local sources. The improvements will benefit 623 people, of which 517, or 83%, are low- and moderate-income people.

The city will use funds from the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) to replace existing water meters with advanced metering infrastructure technology. These replacements will reduce the city’s water consumption.

This year, $ 525 million in state agency resources were made available to support community revitalization and business growth in line with REDC’s strategic plans. Additionally, projects in each region are eligible for a $ 300 million share of the industrial development bond cap to support low-cost, tax-exempt bond financing for qualified projects. Awards for additional projects, including the state’s water quality improvement project program, will be announced in the coming weeks.


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