Baron Silverstein on his approach to leadership and the recent acquisition of Caliber


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Each year, HousingWire’s Vanguards honor a list of elite industry players who have risen to the top and now dominate the housing economy. These enduring leaders have weathered many storms over the years, always remaining nimble through an endless list of challenges facing the industry.

The Vanguards include nominees like Baron Silversteinpresident at newrez who has been with the organization since 2020. Silverstein was recognized as a 2021 Vanguard for his more than 30 years in the industry and his careful and progressive approach to leadership. Silverstein played a leading role in the process of acquiring Caliber Home Loans last year and his drive to succeed can be summed up in his favorite piece of advice: “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

We reached out to Silverstein for the latest on Newrez’s acquisition of Caliber Home Loans and to learn more about what’s to come for the company in 2022.

HousingWire: In 2021, you were named HousingWire Vanguard and your business Newrez acquired Caliber Home Loans. What was the biggest challenge in completing the acquisition and merging operations?

Baron Silverstein: The integration of the two companies is still ongoing but has gone very well so far. And while there is still work to be done, we hope to be fully integrated by the end of the year. Our biggest challenge has been managing the integration under current market conditions, but all of our teams have done an incredible job of getting us to where we are today.

HousingWire: How has this acquisition influenced your overall business strategy?

Baron Silverstein: Both Caliber and Newrez were large, mature platforms that had different approaches to the same common goal of originating and managing mortgages. The acquisition allowed us to identify and evaluate the best practices of both organizations to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective strategies to create the best mortgage company in the market.

HousingWire: How has your approach to leadership evolved or changed over the past year?

Baron Silverstein: The biggest evolution over the past year has been finding the most impactful and efficient way to connect and communicate with a remote workforce. While most companies face the same issues, finding new ways to connect with employees remains essential to creating a top-notch company culture.

HousingWire: How are you preparing the business for success in 2022 and 2023?

Baron Silverstein: We are going back to basics by simplifying our strategies for our core businesses while looking for new opportunities. We are focused on expanding the business through new partnerships, new products, evaluating opportunities in non-mortgage asset classes and focusing on accessibility and affordability of homeownership. property.


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