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Despite discussions surrounding Boise State quarterback, Hank Bachmeier and Jack Sears opted for friendship over disunity.

The quarterback position has reached a point of uncertainty this season. Bachmeier and Sears played well last season, but injuries to both players hampered their participation.

[Photo of Hank Bachmeier and Jack Sears together at a Boise State football practice]
Photo courtesy of Boise State Athletics

Bachmeier finished the year as a starting quarterback, but following Sears’ strong performances in the game, appointing a starting quarterback for the coming season was no easy task.

Competition doesn’t just come between teams. To form a team and save playing time, athletes must compete with each other for positions, perhaps the most coveted of which is the football quarterback.

Many people assume that there is “bad blood” between players in the same position because they are competing for the same job. While this assumption may be true in some scenarios, Bachmeier and Sears seek to establish a connection instead of a division with their teammates.

“I don’t think the relationship dynamic changes when you’re fighting for a job. I have done this in recent years. I’ve known Jack since I was in eighth grade, so this relationship is pretty cool, ”Bachmeier said.

Boise State quarterbacks, third-year Baccalaureate and fourth-year Sears, see each other as friends pushing each other to be their best, both on and off the field.

“I feel like [Sears and I] help each other a lot. We communicate with each other about what we see and the playbook and we just go after each other’s brains. But on the pitch I think we push each other to be better, ”said Bachmeier.

The Sears and Bachmeier connection didn’t just start out of blue grass. Their relationship formed when they met and played against each other in high school in California.

During a press conference, Sears had mentioned that he had met and connected with Bachmeier while striving to be successful together in high school games and camps before unifying at Boise State.

It was fun to get to know him more as a person than as a football player and to learn more about his dreams outside of football as well as what he does to get away from it all. Sears said.

Today, the relationship between Sears and Bachmeier is all about motivating each other to be the best individual players they can be, as well as striving for mutual and collective success.

Boise State quarterback Hank Bachmeier on the field during a football game.
[Photo of Hank Bachmeier on the field for a Boise State football game]
Photo of Mackenzie Hudson | The referee

“I think we just esteemed each other. We both know what we’re doing well and what we’re not doing well and how we help each other, ”Sears said.

As coach Avalos had mentioned, just looking from the outside you would think quarterbacks hate each other because they are in competition, but after looking better on the inside, it’s clear that that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, while both quarterbacks would love to be named starters, they know the team as a whole comes before them.

As the two quarterbacks battle for the starting position, they came to a consensus that the team, as a whole, comes before themselves.

“I don’t know what people would think or expect to see in a situation like this, but it’s probably not what people would expect in terms of entertainment. [Bachmeier and Sears] walk down the hall laughing and joking together on the field, ”said Boise State head coach Andy Avalos.

Coach Avalos said the relationships between the players are huge but overlooked parts of what makes a great team. Not only will players have to work to become better players, but also to build better relationships with their teammates.

“[Bachmeier and Sears] Both will continue to do their best every day and compete, but they will also strive to develop their relationship as this also plays an important role in success, ”said coach Avalos.

Jack Sears on the blue field playing in a home football game at Boise State.
[Photo of Jack Sears playing in a Boise State home football game]
Photo of Mackenzie Hudson | The referee

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