ARC Group, AllMerus Energy and S&P Mergers and Acquisitions jointly advised the joint venture of a portfolio of 1GW+ onshore wind farms in Scotland


SHANGHAI, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ARC Group, AllMerus Energy and S&P Mergers and Acquisitions have jointly advised the Scottish onshore wind farm joint venture between Qair, a French independent producer of pure renewable energy and Eco Projects IOM, a Scottish wind developer. The joint venture was agreed between Qair as sponsor and investor, and Eco Projects IOM as developer in December 2021 develop wind projects with an overall capacity of 1 GW+.

Isabelle Zuo of the ARC group, Dr. Magnus Sedlmayr of AllMerus Energy and Christopher Katz of S&P Mergers and Acquisitions worked smoothly to close the deal.

“We are delighted to advise Eco projects IOM on this successful joint venture project. It has been a long and difficult process, but very productive, especially in the covid situation. We are very proud to finally witness the signing of the joint venture agreement between Qair and Eco Projects IOM This is another high quality green energy agreement that will help achieve the government set 50% renewable energy use Scottish for 2025. We would like to thank our developer and investor for their confidence.” Magnus Sedlmayr, Isabelle Zuo and Christopher Katz.

ARC Group is a full-service financial firm specializing in capital and private markets and has become a benchmark in cross-border M&A transactions. With its multicultural DNA, they bridge the best of the Western and Asian worlds. They provide services of sale, purchase, buyout, capital increase, restructuring, valuation, due diligence, LBO, MBO, among others. ARC Group has been recognized as the Best Mid-Market Boutique Investment Bank in 2020 by acclaimed magazine International Investors.

S&P Mergers and Acquisitions, based in Germany, has been supporting its clients – families and their businesses, companies, private equity and individual investors – for more than 30 years with advisory and intermediation services in matters of business acquisitions and disposals, mergers and alliances strategies, business disposals as well as management buy-ins and takeovers. S&P is a proud founding member of M&A Worldwide.

AllMerus Energy is a renewable energy boutique based in London focusing on structuring renewable energy transactions, including financing, primarily in Western Europe. Sectors covered include wind, PV, deep geothermal and biomass. AllMerus has been active for almost 20 years.

SOURCEARC Group Limited


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